Saturday, December 29, 2012

Lewes and my Teapot Emergency

I am told that once a upon a time Lewes had it's own place to go and enjoy a pot of tea with tea-time refreshments.  Lewes with it's Victorian homes just cries out for taking tea or other stronger libations on these wrap-around porches.  Thus it seemed so perfect that my teapot emergemcy happened here, in Lewes.
  I prepared my morning tea in my 20 year old beloved Brown Betty pot.  She is just the right size for myself.  I always lovingy warmed her up before putting in my special hand blended ( by me ) tea and the boiling water.  In fact I look forward to the morning tea almost as soon as dinner the night before ends!
  I picked up the handle and I did hear the softest "whimper".  I set her down.  I picked her up again, and she was gone.  The handle broke off and left a sad  and mysterious looking hole.
  Although I have about a  dozen tea pots almost all are in storage and as well are too big for a small serrvice.
  The urgency to find my new teapot before the sunset was profound and could not be resisted!
 I determined I would only spend $12.00!
  Off to two thrift stores I went.  I did find a sweet Brit  teapot but marked at $25.00.  But  a lower price was not to be.  A new life, a better teapot was out there for me.
  Two stores later, four in all explored, there she was.  Sweetly decorated with Dogwood Blossoms, with a traditional Ming Dynasty form.
  Yes, she was $12.00!
 Relating this story to a dear friend who knows my lifetime tea-obssesion observed the above story is my perfect metaphor.  I am letting go of the old with great love and affection and seeking the new adored sustance and format for the future.
  Lewes, just ask me and we will do tea-time; anytime.

Beach Blessings,

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Small Kitchen Stories: Eggless- Rice Pudding with Ricotta Cheese

  This afternoon I was gifted with a small micro-waveable bowl of pre-cooked brown rice and a packet of dark raisins.
  My weekly shopping at Llyods always includes a small tub of rice pudding.  Ah, it was  time to make my own.
  This recipe is a re-do of a previously posted one.  But this time I use the above prepared rice and my beloved rice cooker.
  I was in shock as to how quickly the pudding came together to make it's plumpy texture..... and this time the recipe is egg-less.

In the Rice Cooker:

Simmer the raisins, milk, and a lump of butter.  Add in the microwaved brown rice.  Add in a handful of walnuts.  Add in a sprinkle of cinnamon.  Let simmer until the proper plumpy texture forms.  Add in a dose of sherry or some suhch libation.  Now turn off the heat and fold in a BIG ladle of ricotta cheese.  Pour into a lovely ceramic dish and cover with plastic wrap to cool.

Berries a top or a dried fruit compote would be lovely.

Beach Blessings,

Friday, December 14, 2012

Small Kitchen Stories: Cranberries and Pomegranate!

 This is a Tale of East Meets West.
  I was gifted a lovely Pomgranate and spent the required 20 minutes preparing it.  There was ony enough for one dessert bowl.  I needed enough for two!
  In the fridge I had some leftover homemade whole cranberry sauce.  Would it work to combine the too?
  This was a meeting of Middle East meets North East!  Or West Coast meets East Coast Bogs!  I contemplated the flavors before combining.  Compatible they would be.  But would the textures work?
  Combine I did!  Then I used it as a topping on sliced bananas.  Then just to make it even crazier East meets West I dolloped around the edges a ring of Eggnog!
  A truly lovely holiday dessert....... healthy too!

Ta DA!

Beach Blessings,  

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Small Kitchen Stories: Scallop Pot

  Yet again I am beyond hungry, beyond tired, but needing a soul-warming dinner requiring me not to think or work.
  At the last Farmers Market Saturday I purchased scallops which I divided into small freezer destined portions.  The small pouches thaw out in a flash.
  Rice Pot to the rescue!

Lewes Farmer's Market Scallop Pot

Golden Potatoes: small cubes
Carrots: small coins
Tomatoes: chopped
Onions: sliced
Dillweed, Chives
Olive Oil

Into the Rice Pot add a  big tablespoon of olive oil and heat to sizzling.  Throw in the potatoes, carrots and onions.  Stir, put on the top and let it rip until golden brown.
Throw in the tomatoes, and herbs, and let it cook down a bit.
Add in the scallops and a dousing of the Vermuth.  Put on the cover and cook about 5-8 minutes more or until the scallops are perfectly done.

Dessert was sliced pears with a big serving of rice pudding.

Ta DA!

Beach Blessings,

Sunday, November 18, 2012

A New Beach Life, A New Washing Machine

  I admit that I am fixated on washing machines, dryers, irons, and ironing boards.  As a child I loved spending time in the laundry room.  The woosh of the steam iron and the whiffs of heated cotton and linen as accompaniment to the background of the "white noise" of the swishing-washing machine and the tumble of the dryer; calmed me.
  As an adult I've always had a laundry or mud room; and it has always been my first task of the day.  If nothing else is accomplished, at least I have clean laundry!
  When I looked at my Lewes home; my real estate agent warned me: it has no laundry room.  Ah, ha.  The screened in porch was transformed into my mud-room, set up with a laundry board and drying racks.  As well as comfy furniture to disguise the room's true function.
 When thankfully the old washing machine died; I seized the moment.  I found a sophisticated Mom and Pop appliance store, and picked out my new washer and dryer; "with only knobs and dials, please".
  Once installed and used my heart was filled with happiness and hope!
  I then realized that my life which seems to play out in distinct cycles is marked by "The New Washing Machine and Dryer".  Marriage.  My baby boy, and moving into a new built home!  Moving into my beach cottage!
  This new washing machine with it's "sensing cycle" and it's locked child-proof lid reverses the sequence of those comforting sounds.  It spins before adding the water!  My senses are trying to adjust.  My heart beats faster just waiting for the filled tub whooshing away.
  A new way to wash?  Anew life ahead.

Beach Blessings,

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Small Kitchen Stories: Lloyds and Dinner

How to arrive in Lewes for a weekend and have a weekend of meals?

Llyod's Wonder Chicken with Lima Beans

Llyods is famous for thier Wonder Roast Chicken and local products from produce to Beach Plum jams!  Thus I grabbed the following: roast chicken, shelled limas, rice pudding, and pimento spread cheese, mixed greens, and seedless purple grapes.

First Meal: on a bed of greens top with slices of the warm chicken and the hot boiled limas, with sliced tomatoes.  Slices of sharp cheese...... all drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  Dessert: sliced grapes on the rice pudding.

Second Meal: mixed green topped with the cold limas, slices of sharp cheese and chopped tomatoes topped with a favorite dressing.

Third Meal:  In a small covered casserole add in the following:  slices of  the chicken, limas, chopped tomatoes, and sliced mushrooms.  Douse with Vermuth.  Microwave until very hot.  Add in a big dollop of the pimento spread.  Stir around and serve in heated bowls.  Repeat the dessert above!

Ta DA!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Lewes Historical Society 50th Champagne Toasts and Beerfest Dancing.

   Find me another town that in one evening offers these public free events of Champagne Toasts and Beerfest Dancing and I'll buy the next Happy Hour round!
  The Lewes Historical Society (LHS) waited 50 years to do a Lewes Historical Society Complex  tented catered and champagne toasted celebration.  Lifetime service awards were the excuse...... and even those had not been awarded in five years!  Awards that mean something.......... not an annual feel-good award to almost all present.
  Even better were the shared LHS stories of beach life 50 years ago.   We knowingly laughed until we almost cried.
  Even better was marking the celebration with not just Champagne of OK quality....... this was lovely, beautiful Champagne accompanied by a gorgeous meal of Crab Dip with homemade Old Bay Seasoned crackers and more.
  Oh, yes, the Mayor did start off the celebration just after the LHS Director was prompted to yield the floor for a just a minute or two.  We love our Mayor..... he is Our Mayor.......... but it is the Lewes Citizens that do the creation and work of such an important organization.  Ok, we will let the Mayor be our figure-head.
  Champagne drained it was time to find the Beer Fest just two blocks away!
 I loved walking towards the Ompah-pah band sounds....... then entering  the cul-de-sac to find the Bavarian Dancers.
 Hmmn, Beer Fest without the beer? Yes, town regs at play.  Yet, the party worked.  The dancers..... a professional team re-created authentic dances from the 1700's and the early 1900's.  Towards the end of the evening the Dancers opened the floor to the public and choose attendees to join in.
  The City of Lewes can party. 
  Yet, it is in the most precise-classiest-mode I've ever witnessed.

Beach Blessing,

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Lewes and Time Traveling

Did you ever want to Time Travel? The City of Lewes is a time travel venue.  I do not want to say "time machine"; as that does not describe the process.
  Just walk the streets and explore the graveyards: One minute you are having a Victorian Tea on a porch; and the next you are attending a 1700's St. Pete's Church funeral.
  Attend the Lewes Historic Farmers Market, winding thru the Complex and now you are in an 1800's market-day.  Don't forget a carrot-treat to feed your patiently waiting horse!
  Attend the Lewes Historic Society's Strawberry Festival, under the shade trees sipping Champagne and devouring a classic Strawberry Shortcake.... you are now in the 1920's.  I wore my big hat but forgot to wear the white kidskin gloves!
  Attend Cape Henlopen's Fort Miles Day...... and you are whistling WW11 tunes!
 When fog curls up against the Cannonball House; hear the War of 1812?
I do.

Beach Blessings,


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Chautauqua Tent and Blue Hydrangeas

  Lewes-living is the grown-up version of Summer Arts Camp. Chautauqua Tent 1812 re-enactments?
       Sunday I entered the tent for the musical offering: hammer dulcimer, guitar, and the musicians unexpectedly hilarious take on their musical career.  Sitting down I wondered why I felt so happy, so comfortable, and crazy nostalgic.
     Ah, it was Interlochen Arts Camp "deja-vu all over again".  A beautiful outdoor venue, tented, talented musicians, and a wildly enthusiastic audience.  An audience just willing to be: happy!
    Not only did we clap, we danced, we played whatever found instrument we could.  I clacked the freebie fan-handles! One dog was clever enough to bark on the beat!
  At the break I wandered the venue's park garden now in it's Summer phase:  "irrational exuberance".  Impossible electric blue hydrangeas that fade to purple?  A fountain to celebrate it all.
 As I poked my way into the park's neighbor's yard; an invite was called out: come and join me!
Ok, I was convinced to return for the evening's performance.
Cramming in as many performances in the day as possible;  that was Interlochen's key enjoyment now to be found again in Lewes.

Beach Blessings,

Monday, June 4, 2012

Small Kitchen Stories: Rice Pot Pad Thai

Another Sunday found me happy, very hungry and way too tired to cook.  I had a package of stir-fry beef. My kitchen stove elements wobble making stir-fries a not-fun project.  Would the rice pot handle this?  A very delicious "gardener's dinner" ensued!  That is what we do in Lewes: garden!

Rice Pot Pad Thai

Stir Fry Beef Strips
Onion, Green Pepper, Mushrooms, or whatever: all sliced.
Annie Chung's Pad Thai Sauce
Annie Chung's Korean Barbeque Sauce
Peanut Butter, chunky
Toasted Sesame Oil
Mixed Spring Greens

    In the Rice Pot turn the heat to "cook" and add in a big dollop of the sesame oil.  Heat until smoking.  Add in the veggys, stir, put on the top.  You are looking for a soft saute.  There will be too much moisture for a crisp saute; which is OK.
    Stir in the beef strips, add in a bit more oil, and stir.  Put on the top.
    Add in a good dollop of both sauces and the peanut butter.
    Heat until boiling.
    Serve over a plate of mixed Spring Greens.

I followed this with a dessert of rice pudding dolloped on top of sliced peaches with blueberries!

Beach Blessings,

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lewes Farmers Market & The Starboard

 To "Cathect" is a deeply psychological state of being.  It describes one's emotional investment.  It is what happens when one moves from one house to another, one state ( of being ) to another, from Dewey Beach to Lewes!
  With great excitement I attended the Opening Day Lewes Historical Society's Farmers Market!  Was I in Provence?  The offerings were that good!  
  By 8:45 AM the stands had lines, and the throngs were catheticing: milling, hugging, talking, smiling.  New to town, I immediately met up with two friends and made a new one too!
 I surveyed the stands, asked questions and worked out my food foraging strategy.  I can now find my weekend fish at the market without slogging it out on Rte 1!!!!!  Cheap entertainment is to peak in on the on-site kids story-hour.
More than convenience, I was hit hard, recognizing the throngs as so familiar, so Dewey Beach?
Yes, get over it Lewes: the Farmers Market is the Dewey Beach's Starboard equivalent!
Be there or be square! Not show up on a holiday weekend?  You are in trouble and will be found out!
Be SEEN! Be in the know!
The milling masses in line for their covetable consumables!
Yes, all of the above is the signature for the beyond successful Lewes Farmers Market and The Starboard!

Beach Blessings,


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Perfect Makeup Palette: Tinkerbell!

    I'm after "sizing down" my makeup routine to suit my new beachy home and bathroom.  Will the  Perfect Makeup Palette solve the problem of having so many little palettes about?
    Pixi by Petra, found at Target caught me with their new "Tinkerbell" palette!
   Tinkerbell!  Oh how I lived for the yearly holiday black and white TV showing of Peter Pan! I lived for  the moment Tinkerbell appears.  I would be Tinkerbell.  I watched the show dressed in my tutu and ballet shoes!
  Yet, I am no Tinkerbell at an AARP range age, 5'8", with long brown hair and hazel-green eyes.
  Ah, this was my chance of a lifetime not to passed up.  My return to the beach is a return to my childhood dreams.
The makeup is soft and glittery.  In the beachy bright sun would I look like a very sad, down and out Las Vegas-has-been?
  I gave it a go!
  The eye-shadows do tend to float about on the eyelids even with use of a primer.  Yet, I did discover to use a darker shadow over the soft glittery ones to good effect.
  Even better I re-purposed the eye shadows into lipstick!  Just use a lip pencil, then layer on the Tinkerbell eyeshadow, and finish with a layer of the palette's lip-color.  This way the lip-color stays on forever! I did the bronzy gold under a wine color to gorgeous effect!
  I am not a bad-ass, I am a good girl: yet I am not a blush-using girl.  Yet again, I adore the supplied blush used to even the skin-tone.  Just swept everywhere including the eyelids; if forgoing the shadow colors.
  I could travel with this palette and need nothing more than a tinted foundation and mascara.
 Tinkerbell, oh how I've missed you!
 Now I need to find-me a tutu. Ballet slippers too!

Beach Blessings,

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I Love Dewey Beach: Small Kitchen Stories: Rice Cooker Meat-loaf & Pot...

I Love Dewey Beach: Small Kitchen Stories: Rice Cooker Meat-loaf & Pot...: Small Kitchen Stories: Rice Cooker Meat-loaf & Potato Mess!     Yet again I was chilled to the bone and beyond hungry.   I needed a big c...
Small Kitchen Stories: Rice Cooker Meat-loaf & Potato Mess!

    Yet again I was chilled to the bone and beyond hungry.   I needed a big comforting meal made with no brain power.
    I had a a nice amount of left-over Veal Meat-loaf and potatoes and onions that needed attention.  I smiled and got out the Rival Rice Cooker.
    I am almost too embarrassed to admit this mess of a meal.  Here it is and welcome to my table.

Rice Cooker Meat-loaf & Potato Mess

Veal Meatloaf, leftovers:  diced; I used about 1 cup.
Golden Potatoes: two, peeled and cubed
Onion: chopped
Olive Oil
A small amount of water
A small chunk of Cheddar Cheese

In the Rival Rice Cooker, heat up a big ladle full of olive oil.  Throw in the chopped potatoes and onions. Put on the top.  Let the mess get nice and browned. Add in the Dillweed.  If need be add a small amount of water to steam until done.  I used not even 1/4 cup of water.  Once the potato/onion mixture is done, then add in the diced meat-loaf.  Put on the cover for a few minutes until heated thru.  Throw in the cheese and gently stir until melted.  Serve!

A bowl of sliced grapefruit and strawberries was the perfect dessert.

Ta DA!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Venus and Her Beach Makeup

Sometimes I get a notion to dive into my makeup and find my Summer look. In the past the make-up "dregs and mistakes" did beach time, but never happily. Venus confers a new life, new make-up and thus a new look.
Yet, what works in warm to hot weather with high humidity and still says: Beach Goddess?
Foundation? Not a chance. What is going to work with your ever growing tan and sun-kissed cheeks and nose? A tinted moisturizer can play nicely off what ever color your face has going on: from early season pale-white to late season golden tones.
Eye shadow and mascara: yeah, your eyes that are day-time hidden behind sunglasses want out, bring it on. But forget the smokey eye which looks like you just arrived from "downtown". Seashell shimmer tones work well and say the beach is your playground.
Lipstick: Hell, Yeah! With the big summer hat and sunglasses on what else is there to see? Corals to Pinks to Sandy Beige work wonders. I adore my reds, yet except for Formal State Occasions the reds speak of hard driven ambition and glory: and who cares you are; At The Beach!

Cape May-Lewes Ferry: Enjoy your Kids, not the Laptop.

We had a beautiful but windy day for the ferry crossing, Cape May to Lewes. I settled inside until I recovered from the excitement and thus the exhaustion of the last few days. Later I'd go onto the deck to wonder at the passage-views.
I love to situate myself to watch kids and dogs. I lucked out enjoying a sweet white doggie, a Coton de Tulear of Madagascar, and sitting opposite, a very cool Dad with his 5 and 7 year olds.
The very cool Dad immediately upon getting into the booth revved-up the laptop and put on a kid's movie. The children were quiet and enthralled with their movie.
I was not enthralled; but I did remain quiet. I did not go up to the very cool Dad and suggest the following.
Take your kids onto the deck! Watch Cape May, NJ behind us and at the same time see approaching Lewes, DE! Watch those Herring Gulls work the food-gig possibilities shooting up from the ferry's wake. Does not the Double Crested Cormorant look like a Dinosaur? Take in the breakwaters and the Lighthouses. Is it high tide or low? Will we scrape bottom or make it in?
Smell the scents of the bay-water, gulls, cooking galley foods, diesel fuel, moist air, and even the cigarette smoke!
Find the story!
Did Cape May ghosts hitch a ride and are sitting next to you?
How many sailors have seen what you see now?
Cool Dad: I implore you to show your kids the Natural World! Show them now before the Red Knots and Horseshoe Crabs disappear into extinction.
Show them now so they grow up to want to volunteer for Fish and Wildlife projects.
Show them now so they will take solace in this beautiful DE Bay!
Show them now and I doubt next time they will spend more than a few minutes watching the laptop movie.

Beach Blessings,

Monday, March 5, 2012

Coffee, Tea, beach-walks, Dad & Me.

Early AM, Dad roused out of bed what ever kid he could to accompany him on outings of beach-walks, breakfast on the boardwalk, and a final stop to buy the paper, groceries and the day's fish.
I was sleepy, but I cooperated. Besides having Dad all to myself, the early morning walks yielded great beach-combing finds and a delicious boardwalk breakfast at The Henlopen Hotel.
We always had a table with an ocean view. How I happily remember walking in, seeing and smelling the sea of white starched cloth-covered tables, with white fat china pots full of the morning percolated coffee. Jam pots cluttered the table top.
Therein lies my "problem".
I'm a tea-drinker! Only estate-tea, hand-picked will do! I keep Assam, two types of Darjeeling, and a Ceylon on hand to do my daily blends. All night I await and look forward to my morning pot of tea.
Upon my return to the beach I did drink percolated coffee! It was delicious. The leftovers turned into iced-coffee was even better. This delight had to be given up upon my heart saying: no way.
Oddly, at the beach for me any type of British-style tea (excepting the herbals which I drink by the gallons), tastes "weak and off". I get by with "PG Tips" tea, two bags to a pot; sometimes doped-up with a smattering of loose Assam.
My only explanation is the above story where for me beach-side early mornings demand coffee.
Once in a great while in the morning I find myself near the ocean/bay and coffee! Once in a while I let myself have not even 1/4 cup with some milk. Glorious, glorious it is.
It is not me.
Yet, it is my youthful palette that never drank the coffee, saying a happy !YES! to youthful Summers gone by.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Rehoboth Art League; Schroeder, Mom and Art Classes.

I returned to DE in Fall of 2004. So why did it take me until February 2012 to return to The Rehoboth Art League? I did make a few attempts to locate the Art League; I always got lost in the surrounding development of Henlopen Acres. There I spent many a happy afternoon taking art lessons and hanging with my Mom as she participated in the weekly Sketch Sessions. Certainly Howard Schroeder was teaching and participating. Her early 1962 Sketch Session painting of the nearby Marina hangs in my home. I remember watching my Mom paint this scene.
This very painting shows the "school influence" my Mom's work populated for nearly 50 years. I always assumed much of the painting's structure was her own genius. I never thought to find her influences.
The Howard Schroeder show drew me in, especially so since the gallery collection came from family members; thus showing a very intimate view-point. I was captivated and stunned.
Not only did I fall in love with his work, but I was gob-smacked to find my Mom's key teacher; even if on her part it was unconscious absorption.
Oh, how I wanted to purchase a painting or two! I have my eye on one.
I hope it waits for me and will grace my new Lewes home.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Small Kitchen Stories: Brown Butter Poached Salmon

Am I the last one on the block to learn this recipe or is this my invention alone?
Back from grocery shopping I was way too tired to "think up" a nice way to make my little salmon filet. The results of this brown-butter Salmon is so delicious, I went out to purchase another little filet for a repeat!

Brown-Butter Poached Salmon Filet

Salmon Filet: Giant, Rte 1: skinless filet
Olive Oil
Butter, unsalted, ~ 1 tablespoon
White Wine: need something that is slightly sweet

In a small pan with a lid add in the olive oil and heat until sizzling. Add in the salmon filet and let it brown for a few minutes.
Add in ~ 1 tablespoon of the butter.
Let this sizzle a minute or so.
Turn down the heat to simmer and add in a good slosh of the wine, but not enough to cover the filet.
Put on the cover and let it simmer until done, ~ 10 minutes or less, depending on the weight/thickness.
While it simmers, periodically baste it with the now syrupy-brown butter sauce.

I served this with steamed Butternut squash and a small fruit plate of blood-oranges.


Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Lewes Library: Please Stay!

I was reading the weekly edition of the Coast Press and I was already in tears taking in the news of the close of the Milton Theater. Then I turned the page and read that "my" beloved Lewes Library was considering moving out of The City of Lewes. Over a year later, I'm still not over the news.
I adore the Lewes Library. I arrive fresh off the beach. I shake off what I can! I take in the Stango Park views from outside then enter the Library and see the park again thru the picture windows. The varnished woods glisten and glow. A secret locked room awaits exploration! It is a pie-shaped glassed-in room for Lewes' history. A "parlor periodical room" invites you to sit, chat even...... and read news off of paper!
I adore the Rehoboth Library too with it's beachy painted mural. Yet the Lewes Library is out of my youth spent Summers in Bethany Beach. Was there a library in Berlin? Is that where it was?
Childhood Summers were marked by the weekly arrival of the Book Mobile! By the end of the Summer, I had read most of the offering for my age group. I loved the hot steamy book mobile with the scent of moldering, salty books!
Lewes Library, please stay.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Small Kitchen Stories: "Yappy" Oyster Corn Grit Stew

My inaugural new resident Lewes Happy Hour found me at the SPCA's Barkfest's, Irish Eyes "Yappy" Hour! Only dogs hip to best bar behavior were invited! Hilarious fun to watch the servers wind around not just drunk patrons but the overly-wiggly doggies too!
Once home I was crazy-hungry, with no patience for cooking. None the less, I whined and yipped for a great meal! I looked at the opened jar of oysters and asparagus and Ah-ha; this is the Yappy Hour inspiration.

Yappy Hour Oyster Corn Grit Stew

Jar of shucked Oysters and juice: half or full pint.
Whole Milk: enough for 2 to 4 soup bowls full
Asparagus: cut into small pieces
Cheddar Cheese: shredded, ~ 1/2 cup
Corn Grits, Instant: ~ 1/4 cup
Vermuth: 1/4 cup ( this is the Yappy Hour ingredient )
Dillweed: a good shake
Cocktail Sauce with Horseradish: a whopping tablespoon

In a good size saucepan heat the milk and the asparagus until the vegetable is nearly cooked. Add in the Corn Grits and stir until thick. Add in the cheese, Dillweed, and Vermuth and stir until smooth. Turn down the heat to a simmer and add in the oysters with the juice. Heat only until the oysters are just cooked. The frills will stiffen a bit. Do not overcook. Stir in the cocktail sauce. Serve in heated bowls.

*I will never again make the traditional Oyster Stew: this version is that good!

Ta Da!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Small Kitchen Stories: Oysters and LLyod's.

I am loving Llyods of Lewes; find it on Savanah Road. When I bomb into town I always pick up the newspaper and inevitably need what ever it is I forgot to bring with me!
This time I needed produce. As I picked up a package of sliced mixed color sweet peppers and a pint of fresh-made cucumber pickles, I was then inspired to make this into a first course after spying on sale jars of oysters! Ok, I now needed a lemon and cocktail sauce.

Small Kitchen Story: LLoyd's Oyster Appetizer

Layer in a dish:

Sliced Mixed Sweet Peppers
Sliced Cucumber Pickles
Chopped Tomatoes
Llyod's Fresh Jarred Oysters
Cocktail Sauce Dollop
Lemon, Squeezed on top.

It is that easy! Not quite a salad, not quite a pickle, but 100% Delmarva!

Beach Blessings,

Small Kitchen Stories: Lamb Muffelata Meatloaf

Another thawed tray of ground Lamb. What to do? I wanted a warm, comforting meal and left-overs too! Meat-Loaf baked in the Toaster Oven!
Oddly, the meat-loaf tasted very mild. Maybe the Muffelata olive mixture moderated the flavor?
Rte 1 Giant supplies all your needs, though lately I am stuck on Lewes's Llyod's Market!

Lamb, ground, ~ .5 pound
Oatmeal Flakes, ~ 1/2 cup
Mustard, Grey Poupon, ~ 2 Tablespoons
Egg, 1
Muffelata: ~ 1/4 cup
Marjoram, ~ 1/4 Teaspoon

Preheat the Toaster Oven to 450 degrees
Mix all of the above and form into a nice oval shape. Place in a Pam-sprayed ceramic baker.
Bake for ~ 45 minutes.
*I surrounded my meat-loaf with cut up golden potatoes sprinkled with salt and pepper.
*Dessert was sliced Blood Oranges topped with Cinnamon.

Ta DA!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Snow Geese and Saketumi

Where else but Sussex County can one, within a short space of time: zoom off to take in one of Nature's Grandest Spectacles and then celebrate with a Sushi Happy Hour?
I did just that and it makes me cuckoo-crazy-happy!
Off to Prime Hook Refuge we went driving on RTE 16 until we reached the Impoundment/Broadkill. Look to your left to see ~ 100,000 Snow Geese coming in for the night having gorged by day on farmer's field corn. Time your viewing just as dusk sets in. Last week 5:15 PM was ideal. Stay until the sunset turns to dark!
Then back to RTE 1 and find Saketumi! Ok, so you will have just missed the half-priced Sushi Happy Hour that ends at 6PM. I walked in at 6:05PM!
But, not to worry. I discovered that the sushi served for the full price menu is bigger and better than at the happy hour special price and is only priced a few dollars more..... not double!
Even better was hanging out at the bar tables with no one minding my big knapsack and field clothes.
Even sweeter was returning home to Lewes where I now hang-up my field hat and binoculars.
A lovely, lovely ending to a beachy-day.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Seal Sighting & MERR

Only 24 hours after my 5 hour MERR volunteer orientation and Seal Stranding Workshop did I sight my first Delaware Seal! If it was not for the workshop I still would have wondered what peered at me from Neptune's Depth. Was it human? Alive or dead? Lewes is rich with the Sea-Witch tales. Was this the Sea Witch herself greeting me?
I was at Cape Henlopen State Park, halfway between the Hawk Watch platform and Herring Point, walking along a calm shore-line, drinking in the sunshine. Then out of the corner of my eye, a dark watery and glistening face appeared. Only off ~ 30 feet, I saw a "wet-suited" head, with wide set eyes, and a pug-nose with chubby whiskered cheeks. The creature, stared me in the eyes, opened his mouth, and sniffed!
My training says: A Harbor Seal, and most likely a young'un.

Beach Blessings,

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Lewes Yard Sale

Having sold my beloved Dewey Beach Cottage; I'm to be found these days in The City of Lewes! Not to worry.
****You can take the Girl Out of Dewey Beach but you Can't take the Dewey Beach out of the Girl! ****
Yet, I am having my moments of acclimation and culture adjustment.
Driving down Pilottown Road, I noticed a small homeowner's "yard sale" situated Canal-side. As I passed by, I slowed my vehicle even slower than the 25 mph speed. I looked at the articles; a wooden carved piece and an oriental rug....... and drove on. The owner was lovingly arranging the pieces.
Later I thought: drive by again! You need rugs! I drove by, slowed again and had sticker-shock. $300 to $400/each signs...... just made me laugh out loud, thinking: I'm in Lewes!
Yet, I mused: the Canal is a marvelous backdrop for a "town yard sale" and what fun it would be to bargain that $400 rug down to $75!

Beach Blessings,

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bethany Blues for Winter Friday Nights

I'm new to Winter Delaware! I adore it! With the "Tourons" vanished the locals are out -about, and at play. I am amazed to see the Midway Theater parking lot almost full! The same for the CHSP Herring Point parking lot which was empty in the AM but jamming for the PM surf session.
Friday night, near to 9 PM I got an invite to go out! We decided on Bethany Blues as the decor and menu speaks Winter. We followed the parking lot searchlight and arrived for Sydney's Friday Nite Jazz Session and a bite to eat..... sharing bowls of soup and dessert.
By chance we were seated in the "middle room" booth which was perfect for listening to the Larry Tucker's R&B party band but out of the bar crush. Stand up and peak around the corner and find front row stage viewing!
The location is Lewes but the crowd is so Dewey Beach!
Find me here, on Wintery Fridays.

Beach Blessings,

A Novice does DE Winter Birding

I hate the cold, but there I was at the Indian River Inlet, South Side joining the joint DOS and Sussex Co. Bird Club: Winter Sea Watch!
My only second time, Winter Birding in DE; I knew the first outing would be devoted to acclimation. What to wear? Five layers did it! Two layers saved me: my Nike wind-stopper running jacket worn underneath my 20 year-old JC Penny's purple full-length down coat. I wore two hat layers: skull cap and a Nepal wool/micro-fiber lined one.
My LLBean fleece-lined jeans and shearling-lined boots worked wonders but my hands and fingers were in trouble. I headed back to the car for my "hunting muff" with the pocket for a heater pad. Now that I was almost toasty-warm I headed to the group.
Everyone was in high spirits with high hopes of a rare spot or two. One of our leaders informed that complaining of the cold was not allowed and would be met with 40 lashes.
Why would I complain? I was surrounded by happy folks with $,$$$.$$ of optics with invites to look-see! My eyes did have a bit of trouble adjusting to: is that a scoter or is that the roll of the surf?
The high-hilarity bird moment of the day was a Great Black Back who snagged and swallowed almost whole a jetty rat and then proceeded swallowing ocean water to make it "all better soon"!
Two and a half hours later...... my toes started to chill and noon was upon us. All I could think of was lunch: hot lentil stew washed down with hot herb tea.

Beach Blessings,

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Johnny Janosik and Saint Furniture

New Year's Day, in the late afternoon I was informed: "you will need to buy furniture sooner than you planned". I was to have skeleton furniture for my new Lewes Home! I was to have a bed to sleep on and a table and chair for dining!
A call to friends yielded up the camping basics: air mattress, sleeping bag, folding chair and table. This would be "it" until furniture would be bought and delivered!
January 2nd, I called up my courage and set out for Laurel's famous destination: Johnny Janosik! Five football fields plus of furniture not including the Clearance Warehouse!
I had a budget! Yet, I needed LOTS and LOTS of furniture. I love the challenge of buying a cute party dress for $12.00 that can be trashed after one season! Furniture, must be lived with for years on end. I determined to put the same shopping principals in play: only buy the clearance/closeouts, and only what is appealing, fun and versatile.
The Furniture Saint lead me by the hand and whispered the choices. Decisions came up from the depths. I had no other choice. I had no room measurements!!!!!
Delivery day was three days hence. Meanwhile I was terrified! Would the pieces fit the rooms? And yes, the furniture was placed and fit with just 1/4 inches to spare!
Saint Furniture, I thank you! Let's do it again! Afterwards, I'll take you to lunch!

Ta DA!