Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Perfect Makeup Palette: Tinkerbell!

    I'm after "sizing down" my makeup routine to suit my new beachy home and bathroom.  Will the  Perfect Makeup Palette solve the problem of having so many little palettes about?
    Pixi by Petra, found at Target caught me with their new "Tinkerbell" palette!
   Tinkerbell!  Oh how I lived for the yearly holiday black and white TV showing of Peter Pan! I lived for  the moment Tinkerbell appears.  I would be Tinkerbell.  I watched the show dressed in my tutu and ballet shoes!
  Yet, I am no Tinkerbell at an AARP range age, 5'8", with long brown hair and hazel-green eyes.
  Ah, this was my chance of a lifetime not to passed up.  My return to the beach is a return to my childhood dreams.
The makeup is soft and glittery.  In the beachy bright sun would I look like a very sad, down and out Las Vegas-has-been?
  I gave it a go!
  The eye-shadows do tend to float about on the eyelids even with use of a primer.  Yet, I did discover to use a darker shadow over the soft glittery ones to good effect.
  Even better I re-purposed the eye shadows into lipstick!  Just use a lip pencil, then layer on the Tinkerbell eyeshadow, and finish with a layer of the palette's lip-color.  This way the lip-color stays on forever! I did the bronzy gold under a wine color to gorgeous effect!
  I am not a bad-ass, I am a good girl: yet I am not a blush-using girl.  Yet again, I adore the supplied blush used to even the skin-tone.  Just swept everywhere including the eyelids; if forgoing the shadow colors.
  I could travel with this palette and need nothing more than a tinted foundation and mascara.
 Tinkerbell, oh how I've missed you!
 Now I need to find-me a tutu. Ballet slippers too!

Beach Blessings,

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