Friday, April 15, 2011

Buy The Beach!

Stocking the Pantry: Beach Season!

My Beach Rule: NO ROUTE 1 ERRANDS!
Today's goal: get the non-perishables together for the entire Beach Season!
Having been traumatized by last and this year's Winter, my own food pantry yielded up the season's groceries!
Only a few special "Beachy Shack Only" items need to be purchased: special salad dressings, herb teas, and instant rice!
And Vodka, my friend reminds me!
Oh, Beachy Shack: we will be together soon!


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Piping Plover Volunteer Meeting: Announcement


For more information, contact Joanna Wilson, Public Affairs, 302-739-9902

Training offered on May 14 for volunteer piping plover, beachnester monitors

LEWES (April 6, 2011) – Volunteers who would like to learn more about Delaware’s endangered piping plovers and other beachnesters and find out how they can join DNREC’s monitoring team are invited to a free training session from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, May 14, at the Biden Center at Cape Henlopen State Park in Lewes.

The session will begin with refreshments and a slideshow, followed by a discussion on the monitoring program and how volunteers can help to ensure that our beachnesting shorebirds are given the peace and quiet they need to successfully rear their chicks.

Weather permitting, the group will finish out the session by going out to the Point at Cape Henlopen to look for piping plovers and other shorebirds that will likely be out on the tidal flats feeding. A few birding scopes and pairs of binoculars will be available for use, but volunteers are encouraged to bring their own optics if they have them.

Wildlife Biologist Matthew Bailey hopes the session will draw both new and seasoned volunteers – and plenty of them – to help DNREC staff in their efforts to protect beachnesters and educate the public.

“Volunteers are a critical component of our protection efforts. When posted at the boundaries of the nesting areas, they can help explain to the public facts about the breeding birds and the importance of keeping closed areas free of human disturbance. Without having volunteers to supplement the coverage that our staff can provide, many people might never have the chance to better understand how humans can make a difference in the breeding success of beachnesting birds,” Bailey said.

Preregistration is encouraged, but attendees also will be accepted at the door. Park entrance fees will be waived for volunteers attending the training by notifying the fee booth attendant. For more information, please contact Wildlife Biologist Matt Bailey at 302-382-4151 or email

Vol. 41, No. X


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Lucky Magazine: Thrilled; Thank You!

I adore Lucky Magazine. Over ten years of readership has given me oooddles of entertainment and has taught me how to grab anything from my Beach Closet and make it work for almost any occasion. As well, walking Dewey Beach has made me an expert on sandals!
Thus on Facebook I have followed Lucky's Page and postings.
Lucky asked their readers questions! I answered a query on my favorite topic: Summer Sandals!
I am thrilled to report that my quote-quip is in this May issue of Lucky Magazine on page 96! Dewey Beach is the given reader ( c'est moi ) address!
Dewey Beach: you made it into a Fashion magazine!

Beach Blessings,

De State Park Pass Decal Removal: Chic Fix.

The annual rite of removing the old and adhering the new DE State Park Pass is the Spring Ritual indicating Beach Time is Near!
Yet, I dread this task. It is an 1.5 hour task and 2 hours adding in the time to fix my nails!
Here is the Routine:
Buy the old-fashion, Acetone based Nail Polish Remover. Soak the sticker and then go have a long lunch.
Now equipped with an elaborate Italian Dessert small fruit/cheese knife, Windex, paper towels and a plastic bag for waste....... start soaking and scraping. Be patient...... after about 10 minutes the decal starts to degrade and then it gets a tad easier. Allow ~ 30 minutes of scraping!
Clean the window with Windex. Dry it. Then apply the new decal!
Clean up the plastic bits strewn all over the car!
But you are not done yet!
I affix the sticker to the " approved alternate location", on the back driver's side window. The problem is this: the windows are tinted. The beautiful decal is rich with deep blues and greens making it invisible!
Now take a bright yellow sticky- note and write on it the following:
Now affix this to the window above the decal.
Go polish your nails as the acetone and scraping wrecked your most recent manicure!

PS: DNREC: maybe design the decal with a bright sunny background for visibility thru tinted windows?

Beach Blessings,