Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hail, Snow Emergency, Broadkill Babes & Polar Bears

One August day at Tower Beach, just after a swim, drying-off looking skyward, I noticed severe threatening clouds.  Immediately the beach was closed; the masses left for their vehicles.  As I pulled onto Rte 1, hail-hail-hail the size of peas rained down, dropped, and bounced like crazy bouncy-balls. By the time I pulled into Dewey Beach the hail covered pavement only started to melt. Exhilarated and charmed was I. My vehicle was OK and so was I.
I was astounded by the news of the Friday night governor's declaration of the Snow Emergency.  In PA I was in my own Snow Emergency.  I shot off a bunch of emails asking my friends to send back smoke-signals.
My Broadkill Beach Babe girlfriends were without electric from Friday night to Tuesday morning.  Plowed road??? The plow and electric were restored after a 911 medical emergency call! 
Survivor Babes drained their house water pipes and played sleep-overs in front of a cozy, non-stop stoked wood stove.  The reported dinner menu was baked sweet potatoes and bananas!
After Storm #1, with frozen gutters and icicles 4 feet long,  I awoke from my dream: swimming in the ocean with a Polar Bear!
And yes, Bethany Beach's Polar Bear swim was cancelled.
Thanks to G-D, my friends and myself are OK.

Beach Blessings,