Monday, August 22, 2011

Beach Earrings: Lost and Found

The Summer before I entered Kindergarten, my Mom and her girlfriend, whose surgeon spouse would do the surgical-honors, got the notion to do an earring piercing beach-party.
My Dad gifted me with the sweetest earrings I ever did and will ever see: reversible posts: with a 14 carat gold ball on one end and coral ball-bead on the other.
Of course as I leaned over the sink to swab my ears and the earring: the one earring's coral bead landed in the sink and was forever lost to The Ocean, Neptune and Venus.
I was devastated. I swore then to always change my earrings while sitting on my bed. Thus I never have lost a pair of earrings again...... except for the one nuzzled off my ear and chewed by my now-passed Labrador dog.
Yet, almost a year ago, at the beach, I lost a beloved pair of earrings; lever-back drops of Moonstone and with a fringe of Coral Beads. I bought them as a gesture to the ones lost, so long ago and still missed.
How did the earrings get lost? Again I was beyond sad. Had I swiped my hair back after putting them on? Maybe caught in the hair brush? I looked and cleaned the beach cottage for one year with no luck. I kept the one pair as I could not bear to throw it away.
One year later the missing Moonstone and Coral Bead lost-earring was found by my housekeeper, as if thrown up by a high-tide into the wrack-line.
I broke into tears as I put on again my beloved "Beach" earrings.
Neptune and Venus: the Keepers and Givers of Coral: Thank You for the Return.

Beach Blessings,

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Piping Plover: The Bird Stories 2011.

Cape Henlopen State Park Piping Plover ( aka PIPL) Bird Police Duty-gig 2011 ended this week with the youngest chick fledging; flying the required 50 yards. The Piping Plovers having done their job are ready to party Southward, many to call the Bahamas their Winter Resort.
Time for me to Party TOO! Time to celebrate the PIPL success and the 125 hours of "Bird Stories".
Finding the PIPL Story Line was what kept me glued to my " At The Ropes ( actually it is twine) Spot". In my third year of duty: I had a clue! Amazing to me, this season I recognized individual PIPL-s.
This was the year our Bahama-Banded PIPL Male, having successfully nested on The Point just for fun would fly in ~ one mile to The Ropes just to duke it out with PIPL glamour couple, Beckham and Posh! One witnessed fight lasted a little over one hour.
Beckham and Posh nested early and failed and then nested late and succeeded; chick mentioned above. The late nesting cost them their nearest foraging cove which was claimed in the interim by the Parents of Sturdy Chick.
Sturdy Chick as a baby was hilarious-fun; loving to rest in upturned Horseshoe Crab Shells and loving water. Once this baby was swamped by wave action, came out fine and a bit stunned. The Parent was FLIPPED-OUT and instructed the chick to not repeat the incident. One week later Sturdy Chick was Wise To The World. Another week later the Sturdy Chick showed out-right teen-age aggression towards The Parents!
Bird Police duty is keeping the public OUT of the Federally protected area. This year I cultivated my own little fleet of "GOOD Kayakers" to yell at "BAD Kayakers" who disdain to enter the closed areas. Good Work, Kayak Team!
PIPL: Hope one day I see you in The Bahamas!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Dub Step Party and Planet Avatar @ Voodo Farm.

Not wanting to miss the first ever Dub-Step Dewey Dance Party, I bought my Bottle and Cork, DJ Dance Party ticket early in the week. I knew very little of this scene, and did not even know what to wear! I threw on a strappy floral beach dress and overtly flowery-boho silver and pearl earrings and entered the venue.
*I entered "Planet Avatar"!
I could not even take in the music until I met my fellow Avatars. Clean cut women and men in glamorous, deeply eco-conscious, but deconstructed art-house dress. Shredded one shoulder tops were favored; that sometimes flashed the audience with a now-naked view. Glamazon-sandals finished off the look.
The glamazon avatar's sported accessories: As the evening progressed they swirled a circus of lighted and flashing hula-hoops and strange and wonderful lighted string toys.
We were in-trance. But not drunk, less than 40% had drinks in hand. And how could you as you hula-hooped?
Earth's Flash Drive of Music landed on Planet Avatar and this is what they did with it.
Bashed it thru the middle and stretched it out Gumby-like.
Stroked it with a wobbly dissonant bass and drums with a reverberating rhythm so fast it can not be counted. Not with any human toes. Only with Avatar undulating bodies and hula-hoops.
On the stage the DJ's were on their own planet with a side-show of nearly-naked edgy-undressed women involved with their lighted props: hoops and more.
This is not electro-techo House Music.
It is Planet Avatar House Music!
The crowed loved Voodo Farm's "I Heard it thru the Grapevine" which was only recogizable at the begining and end of the set. This Human could clearly follow the Classic Dub-step hole punching and then gumby-stretching.
Dewey Beach: you are on the trend.