Sunday, August 12, 2012

Lewes and Time Traveling

Did you ever want to Time Travel? The City of Lewes is a time travel venue.  I do not want to say "time machine"; as that does not describe the process.
  Just walk the streets and explore the graveyards: One minute you are having a Victorian Tea on a porch; and the next you are attending a 1700's St. Pete's Church funeral.
  Attend the Lewes Historic Farmers Market, winding thru the Complex and now you are in an 1800's market-day.  Don't forget a carrot-treat to feed your patiently waiting horse!
  Attend the Lewes Historic Society's Strawberry Festival, under the shade trees sipping Champagne and devouring a classic Strawberry Shortcake.... you are now in the 1920's.  I wore my big hat but forgot to wear the white kidskin gloves!
  Attend Cape Henlopen's Fort Miles Day...... and you are whistling WW11 tunes!
 When fog curls up against the Cannonball House; hear the War of 1812?
I do.

Beach Blessings,