Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Small Kitchen Stories: Brown Butter Poached Salmon

Am I the last one on the block to learn this recipe or is this my invention alone?
Back from grocery shopping I was way too tired to "think up" a nice way to make my little salmon filet. The results of this brown-butter Salmon is so delicious, I went out to purchase another little filet for a repeat!

Brown-Butter Poached Salmon Filet

Salmon Filet: Giant, Rte 1: skinless filet
Olive Oil
Butter, unsalted, ~ 1 tablespoon
White Wine: need something that is slightly sweet

In a small pan with a lid add in the olive oil and heat until sizzling. Add in the salmon filet and let it brown for a few minutes.
Add in ~ 1 tablespoon of the butter.
Let this sizzle a minute or so.
Turn down the heat to simmer and add in a good slosh of the wine, but not enough to cover the filet.
Put on the cover and let it simmer until done, ~ 10 minutes or less, depending on the weight/thickness.
While it simmers, periodically baste it with the now syrupy-brown butter sauce.

I served this with steamed Butternut squash and a small fruit plate of blood-oranges.


Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Lewes Library: Please Stay!

I was reading the weekly edition of the Coast Press and I was already in tears taking in the news of the close of the Milton Theater. Then I turned the page and read that "my" beloved Lewes Library was considering moving out of The City of Lewes. Over a year later, I'm still not over the news.
I adore the Lewes Library. I arrive fresh off the beach. I shake off what I can! I take in the Stango Park views from outside then enter the Library and see the park again thru the picture windows. The varnished woods glisten and glow. A secret locked room awaits exploration! It is a pie-shaped glassed-in room for Lewes' history. A "parlor periodical room" invites you to sit, chat even...... and read news off of paper!
I adore the Rehoboth Library too with it's beachy painted mural. Yet the Lewes Library is out of my youth spent Summers in Bethany Beach. Was there a library in Berlin? Is that where it was?
Childhood Summers were marked by the weekly arrival of the Book Mobile! By the end of the Summer, I had read most of the offering for my age group. I loved the hot steamy book mobile with the scent of moldering, salty books!
Lewes Library, please stay.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Small Kitchen Stories: "Yappy" Oyster Corn Grit Stew

My inaugural new resident Lewes Happy Hour found me at the SPCA's Barkfest's, Irish Eyes "Yappy" Hour! Only dogs hip to best bar behavior were invited! Hilarious fun to watch the servers wind around not just drunk patrons but the overly-wiggly doggies too!
Once home I was crazy-hungry, with no patience for cooking. None the less, I whined and yipped for a great meal! I looked at the opened jar of oysters and asparagus and Ah-ha; this is the Yappy Hour inspiration.

Yappy Hour Oyster Corn Grit Stew

Jar of shucked Oysters and juice: half or full pint.
Whole Milk: enough for 2 to 4 soup bowls full
Asparagus: cut into small pieces
Cheddar Cheese: shredded, ~ 1/2 cup
Corn Grits, Instant: ~ 1/4 cup
Vermuth: 1/4 cup ( this is the Yappy Hour ingredient )
Dillweed: a good shake
Cocktail Sauce with Horseradish: a whopping tablespoon

In a good size saucepan heat the milk and the asparagus until the vegetable is nearly cooked. Add in the Corn Grits and stir until thick. Add in the cheese, Dillweed, and Vermuth and stir until smooth. Turn down the heat to a simmer and add in the oysters with the juice. Heat only until the oysters are just cooked. The frills will stiffen a bit. Do not overcook. Stir in the cocktail sauce. Serve in heated bowls.

*I will never again make the traditional Oyster Stew: this version is that good!

Ta Da!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Small Kitchen Stories: Oysters and LLyod's.

I am loving Llyods of Lewes; find it on Savanah Road. When I bomb into town I always pick up the newspaper and inevitably need what ever it is I forgot to bring with me!
This time I needed produce. As I picked up a package of sliced mixed color sweet peppers and a pint of fresh-made cucumber pickles, I was then inspired to make this into a first course after spying on sale jars of oysters! Ok, I now needed a lemon and cocktail sauce.

Small Kitchen Story: LLoyd's Oyster Appetizer

Layer in a dish:

Sliced Mixed Sweet Peppers
Sliced Cucumber Pickles
Chopped Tomatoes
Llyod's Fresh Jarred Oysters
Cocktail Sauce Dollop
Lemon, Squeezed on top.

It is that easy! Not quite a salad, not quite a pickle, but 100% Delmarva!

Beach Blessings,

Small Kitchen Stories: Lamb Muffelata Meatloaf

Another thawed tray of ground Lamb. What to do? I wanted a warm, comforting meal and left-overs too! Meat-Loaf baked in the Toaster Oven!
Oddly, the meat-loaf tasted very mild. Maybe the Muffelata olive mixture moderated the flavor?
Rte 1 Giant supplies all your needs, though lately I am stuck on Lewes's Llyod's Market!

Lamb, ground, ~ .5 pound
Oatmeal Flakes, ~ 1/2 cup
Mustard, Grey Poupon, ~ 2 Tablespoons
Egg, 1
Muffelata: ~ 1/4 cup
Marjoram, ~ 1/4 Teaspoon

Preheat the Toaster Oven to 450 degrees
Mix all of the above and form into a nice oval shape. Place in a Pam-sprayed ceramic baker.
Bake for ~ 45 minutes.
*I surrounded my meat-loaf with cut up golden potatoes sprinkled with salt and pepper.
*Dessert was sliced Blood Oranges topped with Cinnamon.

Ta DA!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Snow Geese and Saketumi

Where else but Sussex County can one, within a short space of time: zoom off to take in one of Nature's Grandest Spectacles and then celebrate with a Sushi Happy Hour?
I did just that and it makes me cuckoo-crazy-happy!
Off to Prime Hook Refuge we went driving on RTE 16 until we reached the Impoundment/Broadkill. Look to your left to see ~ 100,000 Snow Geese coming in for the night having gorged by day on farmer's field corn. Time your viewing just as dusk sets in. Last week 5:15 PM was ideal. Stay until the sunset turns to dark!
Then back to RTE 1 and find Saketumi! Ok, so you will have just missed the half-priced Sushi Happy Hour that ends at 6PM. I walked in at 6:05PM!
But, not to worry. I discovered that the sushi served for the full price menu is bigger and better than at the happy hour special price and is only priced a few dollars more..... not double!
Even better was hanging out at the bar tables with no one minding my big knapsack and field clothes.
Even sweeter was returning home to Lewes where I now hang-up my field hat and binoculars.
A lovely, lovely ending to a beachy-day.