Saturday, February 4, 2012

Small Kitchen Stories: Oysters and LLyod's.

I am loving Llyods of Lewes; find it on Savanah Road. When I bomb into town I always pick up the newspaper and inevitably need what ever it is I forgot to bring with me!
This time I needed produce. As I picked up a package of sliced mixed color sweet peppers and a pint of fresh-made cucumber pickles, I was then inspired to make this into a first course after spying on sale jars of oysters! Ok, I now needed a lemon and cocktail sauce.

Small Kitchen Story: LLoyd's Oyster Appetizer

Layer in a dish:

Sliced Mixed Sweet Peppers
Sliced Cucumber Pickles
Chopped Tomatoes
Llyod's Fresh Jarred Oysters
Cocktail Sauce Dollop
Lemon, Squeezed on top.

It is that easy! Not quite a salad, not quite a pickle, but 100% Delmarva!

Beach Blessings,

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