Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Lewes Library: Please Stay!

I was reading the weekly edition of the Coast Press and I was already in tears taking in the news of the close of the Milton Theater. Then I turned the page and read that "my" beloved Lewes Library was considering moving out of The City of Lewes. Over a year later, I'm still not over the news.
I adore the Lewes Library. I arrive fresh off the beach. I shake off what I can! I take in the Stango Park views from outside then enter the Library and see the park again thru the picture windows. The varnished woods glisten and glow. A secret locked room awaits exploration! It is a pie-shaped glassed-in room for Lewes' history. A "parlor periodical room" invites you to sit, chat even...... and read news off of paper!
I adore the Rehoboth Library too with it's beachy painted mural. Yet the Lewes Library is out of my youth spent Summers in Bethany Beach. Was there a library in Berlin? Is that where it was?
Childhood Summers were marked by the weekly arrival of the Book Mobile! By the end of the Summer, I had read most of the offering for my age group. I loved the hot steamy book mobile with the scent of moldering, salty books!
Lewes Library, please stay.

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