Friday, February 3, 2012

Snow Geese and Saketumi

Where else but Sussex County can one, within a short space of time: zoom off to take in one of Nature's Grandest Spectacles and then celebrate with a Sushi Happy Hour?
I did just that and it makes me cuckoo-crazy-happy!
Off to Prime Hook Refuge we went driving on RTE 16 until we reached the Impoundment/Broadkill. Look to your left to see ~ 100,000 Snow Geese coming in for the night having gorged by day on farmer's field corn. Time your viewing just as dusk sets in. Last week 5:15 PM was ideal. Stay until the sunset turns to dark!
Then back to RTE 1 and find Saketumi! Ok, so you will have just missed the half-priced Sushi Happy Hour that ends at 6PM. I walked in at 6:05PM!
But, not to worry. I discovered that the sushi served for the full price menu is bigger and better than at the happy hour special price and is only priced a few dollars more..... not double!
Even better was hanging out at the bar tables with no one minding my big knapsack and field clothes.
Even sweeter was returning home to Lewes where I now hang-up my field hat and binoculars.
A lovely, lovely ending to a beachy-day.

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