Monday, August 22, 2011

Beach Earrings: Lost and Found

The Summer before I entered Kindergarten, my Mom and her girlfriend, whose surgeon spouse would do the surgical-honors, got the notion to do an earring piercing beach-party.
My Dad gifted me with the sweetest earrings I ever did and will ever see: reversible posts: with a 14 carat gold ball on one end and coral ball-bead on the other.
Of course as I leaned over the sink to swab my ears and the earring: the one earring's coral bead landed in the sink and was forever lost to The Ocean, Neptune and Venus.
I was devastated. I swore then to always change my earrings while sitting on my bed. Thus I never have lost a pair of earrings again...... except for the one nuzzled off my ear and chewed by my now-passed Labrador dog.
Yet, almost a year ago, at the beach, I lost a beloved pair of earrings; lever-back drops of Moonstone and with a fringe of Coral Beads. I bought them as a gesture to the ones lost, so long ago and still missed.
How did the earrings get lost? Again I was beyond sad. Had I swiped my hair back after putting them on? Maybe caught in the hair brush? I looked and cleaned the beach cottage for one year with no luck. I kept the one pair as I could not bear to throw it away.
One year later the missing Moonstone and Coral Bead lost-earring was found by my housekeeper, as if thrown up by a high-tide into the wrack-line.
I broke into tears as I put on again my beloved "Beach" earrings.
Neptune and Venus: the Keepers and Givers of Coral: Thank You for the Return.

Beach Blessings,

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