Thursday, September 8, 2011

Beach-time with the Birds Goes for Fall

A dear friend calls the tourists: Tourons. He said it, not me. But you get the idea and now I too look forward to having the place once again "all to ourselves". My commute to and from Cape Henlopen will be back to less than 15 minutes rather than 45 minutes.
Labor Day Weekend Cape Henlopen State Park was packed until Monday when it was near to deserted.
My Piping Plover Bird Police gig Bay-side is now given over to Hawk Watch. Now I can wake up late, get to Hawk Watch by 11:00 AM and be certain of getting into the park and my favorite parking spots.
No longer am I sitting low near the water, wearing my big straw hat, sweating, and sometimes fighting off green-head flies, staring at mostly loafing and foraging Shorebirds.
Now I am standing on a platform high above the ocean, wearing my waxed-cloth Brit-style hat trying to stay warm, occasionally bit by ladybugs, counting the Nascar-like Raptor Migrating Show.
Watching the Shorebirds was a movie in slow-motion, my heart beat slow and steady. Hawk Watch is a participatory "sports event" with an adrenaline-rush racing heart: spotting the incoming racing-raptors and cheering them on!
Fall is when I adjust my heart, and my eyes.

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