Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dewey Beach Music Conference 2011

I love the Dewey Beach Music Conference for "filling our streets" with an influx of musician culture. Just taking in the on-trend fashion is high entertainment.
This year the British Invasion continues for the guys: with skinny jeans, and a well-worn but cool-cut dark tee-shirt.
Surprisingly for both the guys and gals long-long hair is out, most cuts were neck length. Most surprising was to see the women who still had long hair had it braided and piled up. My favorite was "Heidi Gone Bad-Girl or Bad-Girl Gone Heidi": with germanic model looks, blond hair braids a la ballet dancer, fringed black leather coat over a drab-tan tissue-thin fabric shepherd-like tunic worn over a slightly longer black slip. Ankle black leather boots finished off the look along with her video-camcorder.
Last year over the knee boots ruled. This season a few knee-high boots worn were shiny patent leather with any outfit that was non-shiny fabric: distressed jeans were favored.
Rudder is my goal where I almost always find my "Find", this year it was on the deck with, Brooklyn New York's: "Under The Elephant. I'll assume "Heidi" was the lead's girlfriend.
Seeing the deck set up for at least 7-8 musicians I was hopeful of a good performance. Instead I was wowed with a great one! Capable of zooming between House Dance Music with impressionistic soaring lyrics, hip-hop funk to New Orlean's Revival the crowd was awed and gave a standing ovation!

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