Saturday, April 2, 2011

De State Park Pass Decal Removal: Chic Fix.

The annual rite of removing the old and adhering the new DE State Park Pass is the Spring Ritual indicating Beach Time is Near!
Yet, I dread this task. It is an 1.5 hour task and 2 hours adding in the time to fix my nails!
Here is the Routine:
Buy the old-fashion, Acetone based Nail Polish Remover. Soak the sticker and then go have a long lunch.
Now equipped with an elaborate Italian Dessert small fruit/cheese knife, Windex, paper towels and a plastic bag for waste....... start soaking and scraping. Be patient...... after about 10 minutes the decal starts to degrade and then it gets a tad easier. Allow ~ 30 minutes of scraping!
Clean the window with Windex. Dry it. Then apply the new decal!
Clean up the plastic bits strewn all over the car!
But you are not done yet!
I affix the sticker to the " approved alternate location", on the back driver's side window. The problem is this: the windows are tinted. The beautiful decal is rich with deep blues and greens making it invisible!
Now take a bright yellow sticky- note and write on it the following:
Now affix this to the window above the decal.
Go polish your nails as the acetone and scraping wrecked your most recent manicure!

PS: DNREC: maybe design the decal with a bright sunny background for visibility thru tinted windows?

Beach Blessings,

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  1. I love Dewey for the beach and the night life
    rusty rudder buffet and bottle and corks bands
    and the pizza at grotto's can't wait for the summer .

    DEWEY YOU ROCK /,,/,