Monday, March 28, 2011

Sandals and Beach Clothes!

In my next life I am coming back with any foot size as long as it is a "Medium".
Having a 10-AA shoe size makes shoe and sandal shopping an on-going search for Cinderella's Slipper; minus the Fairy Godmother!
Glumly into the "Famous Brand Shoes" store I went. A tiny bit of hope always propels me forward. To my amazement at nose level there were two pairs of edgy but elegant Birkenstocks in my narrow size! I bought them both! Ha, the boxes were marked Medium! They were in wait for me!
Today I started collecting my Beach Clothes Pile for Cottage Opening Day! Just pulling out of the drawers various Summer tees, skirts, jackets and even nightgowns made me slightly giddy!
Giddy with relief of Winter and it's lined-jeans worn with huge socks and even bigger boots!
Flip-flops? Must run now and make certain I know where they are hiding!

Beach Blessings,

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