Monday, March 14, 2011

What Would Venus Wear 2011?!

Whew...... my beach clothes shopping for 2011 season is nearly done. Luckily it was only a filling-in job of worn out items.
The Delaware sun is hell on clothing fibers. The tee shirts and bathing suits last only a season or two.
The bars and house parties do their damage on cute outfits. It is nearly impossible to avoid spilled beer and last Summer a new cute top left the party with candle wax splatters. Thus I shop looking to pay no more than $15.00 per item!
So what won my cash?
Kohl's did the work for clearance priced tee-shirts and tanks, cute-going-out tops with ruffles and sequins, and a $10.00 crazy funky-punky-girly 40's-ish dress!
LL Bean Outlet yielded up the bathing suits. The LL Bean check-out lady who has helped me for 10 years gave me the news that the outlet closes in April 2011. I told her I was going straight to my vehicle to cry; which I did. LL Bean: You Broke My Heart.
Next on the list: hats and sandals.

Beach Blessings,

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