Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lewes Farmers Market & The Starboard

 To "Cathect" is a deeply psychological state of being.  It describes one's emotional investment.  It is what happens when one moves from one house to another, one state ( of being ) to another, from Dewey Beach to Lewes!
  With great excitement I attended the Opening Day Lewes Historical Society's Farmers Market!  Was I in Provence?  The offerings were that good!  
  By 8:45 AM the stands had lines, and the throngs were catheticing: milling, hugging, talking, smiling.  New to town, I immediately met up with two friends and made a new one too!
 I surveyed the stands, asked questions and worked out my food foraging strategy.  I can now find my weekend fish at the market without slogging it out on Rte 1!!!!!  Cheap entertainment is to peak in on the on-site kids story-hour.
More than convenience, I was hit hard, recognizing the throngs as so familiar, so Dewey Beach?
Yes, get over it Lewes: the Farmers Market is the Dewey Beach's Starboard equivalent!
Be there or be square! Not show up on a holiday weekend?  You are in trouble and will be found out!
Be SEEN! Be in the know!
The milling masses in line for their covetable consumables!
Yes, all of the above is the signature for the beyond successful Lewes Farmers Market and The Starboard!

Beach Blessings,


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