Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Small Kitchen Stories: Rice Cooker Meat-loaf & Potato Mess!

    Yet again I was chilled to the bone and beyond hungry.   I needed a big comforting meal made with no brain power.
    I had a a nice amount of left-over Veal Meat-loaf and potatoes and onions that needed attention.  I smiled and got out the Rival Rice Cooker.
    I am almost too embarrassed to admit this mess of a meal.  Here it is and welcome to my table.

Rice Cooker Meat-loaf & Potato Mess

Veal Meatloaf, leftovers:  diced; I used about 1 cup.
Golden Potatoes: two, peeled and cubed
Onion: chopped
Olive Oil
A small amount of water
A small chunk of Cheddar Cheese

In the Rival Rice Cooker, heat up a big ladle full of olive oil.  Throw in the chopped potatoes and onions. Put on the top.  Let the mess get nice and browned. Add in the Dillweed.  If need be add a small amount of water to steam until done.  I used not even 1/4 cup of water.  Once the potato/onion mixture is done, then add in the diced meat-loaf.  Put on the cover for a few minutes until heated thru.  Throw in the cheese and gently stir until melted.  Serve!

A bowl of sliced grapefruit and strawberries was the perfect dessert.

Ta DA!

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