Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Venus and Her Beach Makeup

Sometimes I get a notion to dive into my makeup and find my Summer look. In the past the make-up "dregs and mistakes" did beach time, but never happily. Venus confers a new life, new make-up and thus a new look.
Yet, what works in warm to hot weather with high humidity and still says: Beach Goddess?
Foundation? Not a chance. What is going to work with your ever growing tan and sun-kissed cheeks and nose? A tinted moisturizer can play nicely off what ever color your face has going on: from early season pale-white to late season golden tones.
Eye shadow and mascara: yeah, your eyes that are day-time hidden behind sunglasses want out, bring it on. But forget the smokey eye which looks like you just arrived from "downtown". Seashell shimmer tones work well and say the beach is your playground.
Lipstick: Hell, Yeah! With the big summer hat and sunglasses on what else is there to see? Corals to Pinks to Sandy Beige work wonders. I adore my reds, yet except for Formal State Occasions the reds speak of hard driven ambition and glory: and who cares you are; At The Beach!

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