Thursday, March 1, 2012

Rehoboth Art League; Schroeder, Mom and Art Classes.

I returned to DE in Fall of 2004. So why did it take me until February 2012 to return to The Rehoboth Art League? I did make a few attempts to locate the Art League; I always got lost in the surrounding development of Henlopen Acres. There I spent many a happy afternoon taking art lessons and hanging with my Mom as she participated in the weekly Sketch Sessions. Certainly Howard Schroeder was teaching and participating. Her early 1962 Sketch Session painting of the nearby Marina hangs in my home. I remember watching my Mom paint this scene.
This very painting shows the "school influence" my Mom's work populated for nearly 50 years. I always assumed much of the painting's structure was her own genius. I never thought to find her influences.
The Howard Schroeder show drew me in, especially so since the gallery collection came from family members; thus showing a very intimate view-point. I was captivated and stunned.
Not only did I fall in love with his work, but I was gob-smacked to find my Mom's key teacher; even if on her part it was unconscious absorption.
Oh, how I wanted to purchase a painting or two! I have my eye on one.
I hope it waits for me and will grace my new Lewes home.

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