Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cape May-Lewes Ferry: Enjoy your Kids, not the Laptop.

We had a beautiful but windy day for the ferry crossing, Cape May to Lewes. I settled inside until I recovered from the excitement and thus the exhaustion of the last few days. Later I'd go onto the deck to wonder at the passage-views.
I love to situate myself to watch kids and dogs. I lucked out enjoying a sweet white doggie, a Coton de Tulear of Madagascar, and sitting opposite, a very cool Dad with his 5 and 7 year olds.
The very cool Dad immediately upon getting into the booth revved-up the laptop and put on a kid's movie. The children were quiet and enthralled with their movie.
I was not enthralled; but I did remain quiet. I did not go up to the very cool Dad and suggest the following.
Take your kids onto the deck! Watch Cape May, NJ behind us and at the same time see approaching Lewes, DE! Watch those Herring Gulls work the food-gig possibilities shooting up from the ferry's wake. Does not the Double Crested Cormorant look like a Dinosaur? Take in the breakwaters and the Lighthouses. Is it high tide or low? Will we scrape bottom or make it in?
Smell the scents of the bay-water, gulls, cooking galley foods, diesel fuel, moist air, and even the cigarette smoke!
Find the story!
Did Cape May ghosts hitch a ride and are sitting next to you?
How many sailors have seen what you see now?
Cool Dad: I implore you to show your kids the Natural World! Show them now before the Red Knots and Horseshoe Crabs disappear into extinction.
Show them now so they grow up to want to volunteer for Fish and Wildlife projects.
Show them now so they will take solace in this beautiful DE Bay!
Show them now and I doubt next time they will spend more than a few minutes watching the laptop movie.

Beach Blessings,

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