Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Johnny Janosik and Saint Furniture

New Year's Day, in the late afternoon I was informed: "you will need to buy furniture sooner than you planned". I was to have skeleton furniture for my new Lewes Home! I was to have a bed to sleep on and a table and chair for dining!
A call to friends yielded up the camping basics: air mattress, sleeping bag, folding chair and table. This would be "it" until furniture would be bought and delivered!
January 2nd, I called up my courage and set out for Laurel's famous destination: Johnny Janosik! Five football fields plus of furniture not including the Clearance Warehouse!
I had a budget! Yet, I needed LOTS and LOTS of furniture. I love the challenge of buying a cute party dress for $12.00 that can be trashed after one season! Furniture, must be lived with for years on end. I determined to put the same shopping principals in play: only buy the clearance/closeouts, and only what is appealing, fun and versatile.
The Furniture Saint lead me by the hand and whispered the choices. Decisions came up from the depths. I had no other choice. I had no room measurements!!!!!
Delivery day was three days hence. Meanwhile I was terrified! Would the pieces fit the rooms? And yes, the furniture was placed and fit with just 1/4 inches to spare!
Saint Furniture, I thank you! Let's do it again! Afterwards, I'll take you to lunch!

Ta DA!

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