Sunday, November 18, 2012

A New Beach Life, A New Washing Machine

  I admit that I am fixated on washing machines, dryers, irons, and ironing boards.  As a child I loved spending time in the laundry room.  The woosh of the steam iron and the whiffs of heated cotton and linen as accompaniment to the background of the "white noise" of the swishing-washing machine and the tumble of the dryer; calmed me.
  As an adult I've always had a laundry or mud room; and it has always been my first task of the day.  If nothing else is accomplished, at least I have clean laundry!
  When I looked at my Lewes home; my real estate agent warned me: it has no laundry room.  Ah, ha.  The screened in porch was transformed into my mud-room, set up with a laundry board and drying racks.  As well as comfy furniture to disguise the room's true function.
 When thankfully the old washing machine died; I seized the moment.  I found a sophisticated Mom and Pop appliance store, and picked out my new washer and dryer; "with only knobs and dials, please".
  Once installed and used my heart was filled with happiness and hope!
  I then realized that my life which seems to play out in distinct cycles is marked by "The New Washing Machine and Dryer".  Marriage.  My baby boy, and moving into a new built home!  Moving into my beach cottage!
  This new washing machine with it's "sensing cycle" and it's locked child-proof lid reverses the sequence of those comforting sounds.  It spins before adding the water!  My senses are trying to adjust.  My heart beats faster just waiting for the filled tub whooshing away.
  A new way to wash?  Anew life ahead.

Beach Blessings,

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