Friday, December 14, 2012

Small Kitchen Stories: Cranberries and Pomegranate!

 This is a Tale of East Meets West.
  I was gifted a lovely Pomgranate and spent the required 20 minutes preparing it.  There was ony enough for one dessert bowl.  I needed enough for two!
  In the fridge I had some leftover homemade whole cranberry sauce.  Would it work to combine the too?
  This was a meeting of Middle East meets North East!  Or West Coast meets East Coast Bogs!  I contemplated the flavors before combining.  Compatible they would be.  But would the textures work?
  Combine I did!  Then I used it as a topping on sliced bananas.  Then just to make it even crazier East meets West I dolloped around the edges a ring of Eggnog!
  A truly lovely holiday dessert....... healthy too!

Ta DA!

Beach Blessings,  

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