Saturday, September 29, 2012

Lewes Historical Society 50th Champagne Toasts and Beerfest Dancing.

   Find me another town that in one evening offers these public free events of Champagne Toasts and Beerfest Dancing and I'll buy the next Happy Hour round!
  The Lewes Historical Society (LHS) waited 50 years to do a Lewes Historical Society Complex  tented catered and champagne toasted celebration.  Lifetime service awards were the excuse...... and even those had not been awarded in five years!  Awards that mean something.......... not an annual feel-good award to almost all present.
  Even better were the shared LHS stories of beach life 50 years ago.   We knowingly laughed until we almost cried.
  Even better was marking the celebration with not just Champagne of OK quality....... this was lovely, beautiful Champagne accompanied by a gorgeous meal of Crab Dip with homemade Old Bay Seasoned crackers and more.
  Oh, yes, the Mayor did start off the celebration just after the LHS Director was prompted to yield the floor for a just a minute or two.  We love our Mayor..... he is Our Mayor.......... but it is the Lewes Citizens that do the creation and work of such an important organization.  Ok, we will let the Mayor be our figure-head.
  Champagne drained it was time to find the Beer Fest just two blocks away!
 I loved walking towards the Ompah-pah band sounds....... then entering  the cul-de-sac to find the Bavarian Dancers.
 Hmmn, Beer Fest without the beer? Yes, town regs at play.  Yet, the party worked.  The dancers..... a professional team re-created authentic dances from the 1700's and the early 1900's.  Towards the end of the evening the Dancers opened the floor to the public and choose attendees to join in.
  The City of Lewes can party. 
  Yet, it is in the most precise-classiest-mode I've ever witnessed.

Beach Blessing,

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