Monday, August 30, 2010

My Beach Version: Eat, Pray, Love

At an airport bookstore I scanned the book: Eat, Pray, Love. I passed on the purchase. Yet, the Trifecta Search mode is what I have been doing these past five beach seasons!
My version?
Buy a Beach Shack:
*****EAT****SWIM****VOLUNTEER (for Endangered Species Birds and Plants)*****
Upon arrival my very first stop in Dewey Beach is to purchase local fish, produce and baked goods! This past weekend I purchased Fifer's Roast Chicken and Baked Corn Salad which I threw together to make the weekend's salad!
For four seasons running my reason TO LIVE was TO SWIM in the ocean! I LIVED for my daily beach time with at least 2-3 swims. I was bereft if I could not swim because of the surf, my schedule or the weather.
I knew I had to find my "dry land swim time".
My dry-land time found me at Cape Henlopen State Park ( CHSP). I fell into several volunteer events before I found my gig projects for DNREC's Endangered Species ( Shorebirds and Plants).
At a volunteer event DNREC thanked me for my service.
Oh, no. Thank YOU, DNREC!
My volunteering is self-serving and self-fulfillment.

*****EAT****SWIM****VOLUNTEER ********************************

Beach Blessings,

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