Monday, August 9, 2010

Dark Star Orchestra and History Lesson:

It's never too late to Grow Up and Be a Dead Head!
I was a bit too young for the era of Dead-head-ness. But the music was around me via two older siblings.
Despite already having put in a long day, off I went to the concert with a Trance-head. He declared my outfit as a West Hollywood Hipster: I took this as a high compliment.
Dark Star Orchestra's (DSO) 8:45 PM performance start was in favor of the time needed to recreate the concert and the gently- aging-Hippie group. 60 year old guys wore their favorite but now decades old and rotting Dead-Head tee-shirts.
DSO Perfume: Scents of weed, beer, sweat, and a rain soaked awning.
DSO's rich complex lines expand and contract astounding me. Trance Music lines came forth and I pointed these out. "No WAY" was the response!
Ah ha, so at the only 30 minute break in the 3.5 hour+ performance we made our way to the Sound Technician and talked shop. Trance-head received the history lesson of The Foundations of Trance Music courtesy the Grateful Dead's Psychedelia and Space Rock, LSD, Ken Kesey, Ram Dass, Timothy Leary..... . ETC!
Trance-head was entranced.
The evening ended with Johnny Be Good! 12:45 AM but Party ON!
DSO members slay me: when the music ends they just walk off the stage! No bows! No personal acknowledgment of their magnificent musicianship.

Beach Blessings,

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