Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Rehoboth's Hobo's

We headed to Rehoboth's Hobo's with an advertisement coupon in hand:
free appetizer with purchase of an entree, but in fact we were after the
most jiving possible scene. Baltimore Avenue seems to be the place.
Score! Seated in Hobo's outdoor cafe, we had across the street the
sardine-packed Iguana Grill and to our right the indoor Hobo's view of
their tiny bar, a lounge singer, dancing Grandma's and squirming children.
Our waiter inquired if we might have food allergies! After we promised
not to code on the spot, our orders were taken.
The appetizer proved to be entree sized and teeming with asiatic flavors, half of which
made it home for a midnight snack. The entrees were mesmerizing and made our senses
Happy, we lingered as long as possible and later toured
Rehoboth's bars.

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