Monday, August 2, 2010

It's a Niche-y-Life

All of a sudden it hit me: Sussex County is where you can make your mark. A niche mark, but a mark nonetheless.
Rehoboth: the gay scene.
Dewey Beach: the bar life and live music. Starboard has a life beyond it's own walls.
Craft Brews: Dogfish Head Brewery plays into the above, but has taken on Milton and Rehoboth as it's very own.
How many musicians happily make the rounds and round again of Ocean City/Dewey/Rehoboth?
Clearspace Productions: why live in NYC or LA when you can live at the beach and find your audience?
Food artisans: a line of jams and jelly based on the local produce including our indigenous beach plums!
Restaurants: SoDel Concepts array of restaurants captures our imaginations.
Real Estate: Who has not noticed that Lewes is niched-out by nearly a single real-estate company?
Publishing: Dave Burris dominates with his virtual weekly news.
Dairy: Lewes Dairy!
Seafood: Big Fish rules.
Kayaking: Quest takes care of it all.
Skimboarding: Alley Oop: mentors the little sand crabs and makes them their own for life!
Seaside Jewish Community: the only show in town and is it ever beachy with Havdalah on the dunes!
Birding: Seashore and Migratory Birds R'US.
My point is: if you can create your dream, then we of Lower Slower Sussex County might be your beach dream come true.

Beach Blessings,

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