Monday, August 16, 2010

Zany Bandz Camo Backpack: Thank you DNREC!

The first time I showed up for DNREC's Fish and Wildlife's Red Knot Duty I sported a beach bag. WRONG!
The second time I showed up for Red Knot Duty I proudly sported a hot PINK backpack! WRONG.
I quickly learned that black, brown and camo were the accepted colors.
( Also at Hawk Watch my girly pink backpack got wide-eyed stares ).
I missed out on attending the Volunteer Reward Party. I thought my reward might be a coffee mug???
At the Friends of Cape Henlopen Meeting, I was astounded when my "reward" showed up and it was a CAMO-color Back Pack with the Delware Park's Logo!!!
I was stunned! Beautiful and appropriate for all my "true Volunteer" duties.
Certainly someone suggested that I needed to lose the Pink Backpack!
I love this backpack, but like a new kid returning to Middle School: I just had to make it my own.
Off I went to purchase a set of neon-colored Zany Bandz!
I put the Zany Bandz thru each pull tag and then as decoration the remaining went into the outside mesh pocket.

Thank you, DNREC!!!!

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