Monday, August 23, 2010

The Point, Lunch in Lewes and Beach Time in Dewey

As a kid my day was made if I made it in one day to more than one beach! Same for me as an adult!
If low tide is in the morning, Cape Henlopen's Point is my first destination. I wandered the tidal flats, found birds, and socialized with a birding group.
The most fun was watching a Father with two small daughters use a casting net to catch Mullet minnows. His daughter, "Maya The Brave" caught the squiggling fish and dumped then in the bucket. Her delighted squeals fought off the Laughing and Herring Gulls!
For once I did not pack a lunch and off I went to the Lewes to the "The Barbeque/Church Pavillion". My box lunch and I then went to Lightship Overfalls Park for a picnic.
Back in Dewey, the afternoon was for socializing and swimming too!

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