Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Non-Beach Day in Lewes

Friday was not gonna be a "beachy-day" so we headed to Lewes. I wanted a " Local Lewes Day" ...... not totally going touristy.
First on the list was the Lewes Library for a computer hit to check email. The Lewes Library makes my heart sing for joy! Varnished wood shines with big glass windows looking out on Stango Park. I adore the pie-shaped glassed-in room for the Historic Lewes collection.
We wound our way to the Lightship Overfalls Park which was in full volunteer mode: putting in brick pavers. After a history lesson at the Life Guard Station, I found locals fishing and chicken-necking for crabs off the park's pier.
What a set-up! The fishing pier is more "gazebo" and has running fresh water to keep the deck, crabs, fish and children sparkling clean!
Off past University of DE's Windmill we went to MERR where we viewed the whale skulls and talked to a Professor of Aquaculture in charge of the "Oyster Garden Project".
We were getting hungry, so with our packed lunch in hand I thought to picnic at the Lewes Ferry while viewing the Kalmar Nykal! Afterwards we chatted with crew members. I shook the hand of the Steersman: 14 years old!
My last planned spot was Cape Henlopen State Park's The Point. It was low tide! Time to walk the flats and find some birds. Although we were losing light, and it was "spitting" tiny rain drops this spot never fails to touch my heart.

Beach Blessings,

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