Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lewes's: The Buttery: Old School and Pub Life

Once long ago after walking in blustery conditions, with a date, we walked into Lewes's "The Buttery" hoping to just get a cup of hot tea. My date's face turned to horror. This restaurant is for THE BIG DATE. But maybe not?
The patrons match the decor: High Class/Old School, varnished woods and flowers are abundant. Ask to be seated in the semi- circular "Garden" window, as there you can catch the street scene.
I finally made it to The Buttery.. again..... but this time for a celebratory birthday brunch! As the gals were late, I sat waiting at the empty but beautiful old school- varnished bar flirting with the bartender, discovering the bar life that not even the locals know exist!
The Buttery, if seated at the bar, offers up a Pub Menu from 5 PM to closing! The creative menu also entices as the prices are a fraction of a dinning room dinner!
Lovely, lovely is the chef's presentations for either menu.

Beach Blessings,

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