Monday, September 27, 2010

Election Time: Craziness.

Political Science Masters and PHD Candidates listen up: come to Dewey Beach for the Summer and in the Fall return with your Thesis!
For a town that is not even 2 miles long our month-long campaign election season craziness could fill any vast city!
The evening before the election, I took my place on the curb holding up candidate's signs. I was not getting any action until I held my sign high, swiveled my hips, danced, and asked for trucks to beep their horns!
I got more attention doing the above than at the Starboard! I've missed my RTE #1 calling as a mascot! I say pay me cash $25/hour and I'll wear the fuzzy suit and dance on the street!
This year the Starboard's new digital billboard flashed it's favorite candidate...... who did not win; yet immediately after elections the sign did flash a congrats to the winning opposition!
Voting is inside at the Life Saving Station....... but first get past the candidate set ups....... my favorite was a Martha Stewart-esque setting of seasonal flowers, pumpkins, hay, a watering can, a painted stool, and a bowl of candy corn!
Then inside after signing in, it is chat-time with the election board officials and observers.
I am glad I asked how the physical voting worked. It seemed dead simple...... but a mistake in a close election could be a cause for rip-roaring contention and more fighting.
Happy I was to attend a very Dewey-style "after the election" party!
I've heard there is for all candidates and councilmen a "Bury the Sand Hatchet/Shovel" ritual. Hope they do not forget to do it!

Beach Blessings,

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