Monday, September 13, 2010

The Consensus: Starboard, The Cove, Nalus, North Beach

The "Until Death 'Till We Part-y Summer House Group" have decades together of group parties; they know each other very well. Yet, I am equally amazed and not that at the end of every party, or even a Saturday Happy Hour, there is a "Group Grope Consensus" as to where The Group will grope and end the evening. Labor Day weekend Saturday we all piled into The Starboard, and on Sunday evening we piled into The Cove.
We know what we enjoy, and know what live music is playing where, and at what venue. The GROUP always picks out the most FUN choice.
This is how it works. Saturday at "The Party" mid-way thru everyone starts to say, OK, see you later @ XXX, right? And thus it gets repeated, and indeed half the party does end up at the agreed location.
The Summer House Group even has it's own "real-estate" at each bar; in particular, The Starboard! Packed sardine-full as always, there we were, packed into our own little can-bar space. One party member, not knowing the above, came in with a mylar-baloon from the party as if to say "find me". Yet, somehow among the thousands he found our space.

Beach Blessings,

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