Monday, September 20, 2010

Ocean City's Bike Week, Yom Kippur @ SJC, Shofar Blasts

In Fall of 2004 at my beachy-cottage, my very first night was to the accompanying rumbles of bikes, bikes, and more bikes. As my cottage is near a street light: it was more like hearing the idling varooms gear into blasts.
I was very unhappy. I assumed this was the " nightly norm". I had not a clue about the once a year event of OC's: Bike Week!
I was kinda happy when a tricked-out Harley broke down right in front of my cottage and spent the day in my driveway!
This year, Bike Week occurred the same week as Yom Kippur!
The Shofar is a ram's horn that is ritually blown in certain named notes and patterns to announce the beginning of Rosh Ha Shonah and the end of Yom Kippur.
I spent a wonderful day with Seaside Jewish Community (SJC) in services at our host, Epworth Church, I left in a prayerful mode, but as I drove back to my cottage, I was surrounded by blasts of bikes!
For the weekend 250,000 bikes descended on Ocean City! Again my cottage was besieged by the noise. I was very unhappy.
Oddly the varoom-varooms reminded me of the Shofar blasts!
One Blast: Tekiyah!
Three Short Blasts: Shevarim!
Rapid Line Blasts: Teruah!
The Blast of All Blasts: Tekiyah Gedolah!!!

Then I was happy, and happy even during the night of rumbling, and almost sad when morning came, and not a Bike Blast around to remind me of the Shofar and the call to The New Year: 5771.

La Shanah Tova,

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