Thursday, September 23, 2010

Yom Kippur: Sermon on Hawk Watch!

My Dear Sweet ILDB Blog Reader,
Please read the prior post on Rosh Ha Shonah and Hawk Watch to truly appreciate this post.
I wanted to be at Yom Kippur's Morning Service more than I wanted to be at Hawk Watch, but it did not stop my mind from it's wandering desires! I knew that day would be a record day for raptors counted: a front moved in the night before, Kol Nidre, with excellent NW winds and clear skies. Indeed ~ 1,500 raptors were counted; a record day.
A visiting Rabbi was introduced for the Sermon; he took the podium with a stack of papers and a magazine, his topic for the first five minutes or more was devoted to: Hawk Watch!!!
Bursting out laughing, I looked to my fellow Cape Henlopen Volunteers who were also doing the same. We gave high fives each time the Rabbi said the words, "Hawk Watch"!
The Rabbi reminisced about his "Mother The Naturalist" who would never let him walk a step without doing bird and plant identifications. Then, the Rabbi gave kudos to the local Hawk Watch , held up for validation his own birding magazine, and then the "official" Hawk Silhouette Identification Chart!
Having just the week before blogged about the marvels of combining High Holidays and Hawk Watch: I was amazed with the coincidence and beyond giddy.
Giddy is not a term normally described for Yom Kippur emotions...... but there it was.
Later I thanked the Rabbi and learned that he resides at Cape Shores with easy access to witness the daily Miracle of Fall Migration.

La Shanah Tova,

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