Thursday, April 1, 2010

What Would Venus Wear? Earrings!

Each new Beach Season I look forward to adding at least one new earring to my collection.
You would think this would be easy..... but I have certain requirements.  The earring must say, "Summer", and signal my boho-glam beach-combing-ethic. 
 As well I need a gold wire earring ( lever-back preferred ) which is easy and light-enough to wear for the travel, hold up to a weekend of activities, and be light-hearted and fun-enough for evening wear.
 The earring must be compelling in beauty but simple in concept.  Anything too glitzed-out just looks like too much make-up piled on under bad lighting.
I'm not looking for anything too expensive in case it is lost to ocean and sand, or would not hold up to the effects of such.
My choices seem to have the color white as a threading theme.  White jade, fresh water pearl, mother-of pearl, rock crystal all speak to that thrill of finding the just found conch shell!  The white color plays nicely off my Summer tan and seem to make my look a bit more crisp even if I'm melting from the humidity.
Venus says: go find your beauty!  Go find your Summer earrings!

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