Saturday, April 17, 2010

Venus Finds her "Cute Beachy Tops"

I laid out all my new clothes for beach-time and saw two missing items: cute-going out tops and tee-shirts.
Yes, I have a PILE of faded ragged tee-shirts...... and yes I am constantly on the hunt for them...... yet I am always short on these.  
I am not about to pay huge $$$$ for a tee-shirt yet I am so fussy as to the cut and fabric feel.  Oh, and the tee should dress up easily!
Thanks to Kohl's, I found a huge stack of soft thin cotton ones with a feminine cut and faded-out water-color patterns.  I bought five!  I am determined to throw out every last one of my yuccky ones......... do you believe me?  Will I succeed?!  OK, one or two old ones will be kept for gardening and Cape Henlopen Trail Days!
Also at Kohl's I found the fun "out at nite tops".  From top to bottom, narrow ridges of tiny ruffles of stretchy material, looking like fish-scales, with graphic prints on a faded background is artful, fun, and make me look like a Mermaid-at-Studio 54!  I bought two!
I have already a selection of soft knit ballet skirts for all of the above!!!
Ta DA! 

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