Sunday, April 11, 2010

Cottage Opening: Preparations!

Since I have the objective of not wasting a minute of beach time running Route 1 errands, for weeks I have been gathering the beachy-cottage "must haves" to last until October 31st!
I've gathered the basic items for the laundry, outdoor shower, bathroom, and the kitchen.  I've not yet shopped for the basic pantry items.   I'll do that the week before opening.
I've shopped for the entire season's needs of lip balms and sunscreen!  A fortune!
I collected the season's worth of skin care creams and lotions, and cosmetics.
I collected the hair demands: shampoos and hair pins/clips and such.
I've shopped for swimsuits, clothes, and jewelry, ...... but my new beach hat hunt still eludes me.  I'm after "Slogger" hats, the soft-woven ones...... but my usual stores this season refuse to re-stock!!!!!
This week I also set the dates for the De-Winterizing, for Spring Cleaning, and Spring Lawn Clean-up!
Last season's arrival was a bit upsetting as the refrigerator had died...... and woah, did it take some doing to make the replacement.  Three weekends without a refrigerator, living out a cooler with melting ice, is not something I want to repeat.
I'm ready Beach-Cottage!  I'll be there soon!

Beach Blessings,

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