Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Beachy-Life and Handbag Logistics!

Oooh, the Summer Handbag Logistics! 
 I've worked it out, but I am always eyeing "street solutions"!
I travel to the cottage with my "everyday" favorite which holds a house and more.
Once at the cottage: out come the selections.  I'm very form follows function....... but the bag has to please and amuse the eye, and be a pleasure to feel and hold.
The vintage-y, almost-preppy flat-bottom straw basket gets tons of use for day-time errand shopping.  It holds my sunglasses, thrown in keys and small wallet, lip balm, and my notepad and pen. 
My minimal-design, smooth-straw, tiny wristlet gets play for fun nights out.  Key here is that it does not need to hold my bulky sunglass case!  The wrist strap can covert end-to end, like a normal bag.  Bonus points here as the handle can be hooked to the bar chair or rail.
The favorite going-out bag, for when it must hold the sunglasses, goes to a sexy-ruched-shaped, soft black leather bag with a tassel trimmed small handle! It fits perfectly under my arm.
Birding and outdoor adventures? It ain't camo-covered, but my hot-pink backpack works!
I do admire the fancy going-out backpack solution........ but it just seems too sweaty for  going-out clothes!
Hung on metal flower hooks, the cute handbags serve double duty decorating my bedroom walls!

Beach Blessings,

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