Monday, April 19, 2010

Cottage Opening: De-Winterizing

        Yes, my brain is still de-Winterizing from the December thru March's ordeals.  Winter is serious stuff. 
 Summer is the opposite. Thus the start of my Summer celebrations starts officially with, "The Call".
This is how it goes.  I make a date for the De-Winterization with Service Today ( they are The Best!), and make certain the key to the cottage is "available" (as in not lost). 
 I request, no DEMAND my FAVORITE Plumber!!!!!  He knows the place inside and out and then some.
  Then I wait anxiously for "The Day" and the follow-up phone call.
  Hallelujahs rang out when my Favorite Plumber called and announced, " You are Good to GO!"
  No boring blog this to list all the challenging events of  dealing with a 1960's Three-Season Beachy-Cottage.  So imagine my sigh of relief with the above good news!
Dewey Beach!  Beach Season starts NOW! 
 Make Some NOISE!!!!!!!

Ta DA!

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