Thursday, April 8, 2010

Small Kitchen Stories: Chicken Salad Sandwich

I'm on a "New Summer Sandwich" kick for my Cape Henlopen State Park, Bay-side outdoor picnics, and this one instantly sends me reeling back to my Bethany Beach Childhood Summers. 
The filling starts with left-over barbecue chicken which was more than our weekly staple.   Combined with the chicken, the cheddar cheese and sweet pickle speaks: Delmarva Grandma's kitchen! 

Barbecue Chicken, Breast and Leg: skinned and chopped fine
Green Scallions: chopped fine
Cracker Barrel's: Aged Sharp Cheddar: shredded ( not chopped ).
Hellman's Mayo
Drew's  Salad Dressing: Sesame Orange
Vlassic's Sweet Pickle

In a small ceramic bowl add in the finely chopped chicken and scallions, and a generous portion of the shredded cheese.  Then add appropriate to taste dollops of the Mayo, Dressing and Sweet Pickle.  Mix well and laden a good and toasted sourdough.

Ta DA!

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