Thursday, April 30, 2009

Jam Fest! May 1st and 2nd! Rusty Rudder!

May 1st and 2nd, The High Tide Jam Fest is at the Rusty Rudder!
   Parking should be easy as it is not high season.
Rusty Rudder will have 4 stages, two inside and two on the deck.  
        2 bands are up at any one time for ~ 45 minutes!  So if you do not like one....head for the other!
My pick is the indoor stages, and in particular the "Club Rudder" small intimate stage.  If the group is rocking so does the crowd as it inches up and surrounds the tiny stage.
Give props to Vicki Walls the booking agent and organizer.
Bring a warm jacket as the outside decks are on the bay and get breezy!  Leave the high heels at home as your heel will get caught in the deck boards ;-)
This is THE BEST of The Dewey Nation!  Wonderful mix of all Dewey age groups attend from  the 20's to the 70's, locals and week-enders alike!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Beachy Wear Collection and Bathing Suits

Ah, with the larder groceries collected, I now face the beachy-wear collection tasks!
   I had to buy a beach cottage as I need a boat-load of clothes for even a single beach day!  Challenge: Breezy cool for the morning and night....steaming hot in-between and try to look cute and fun when going out?!
But the biggest challenge of facing down that swimsuit.  At a "certain age"..... bikinis are but a distant memory!  What to wear?!  I love to swim, boogie-board, jump the I need a real swim suit!
LL Bean does the trick.  My modesty picks the two-piece ones with a skirted bottom, fits my long frame, and  I can mix and match tops and bottoms.  These work well!!!
But.. and there is always a butt :-) with swim suits: this is what I have discovered.
Forget the fabric that is anything but smooth....the ridged stuff is the worst  .... otherwise the fabric acts like a sieve and collects flotsam and jetsam!
Sadly the halter plastic slide always breaks mid-Season!
Ha-HA!  The trick is to put it back together with: Dental Floss!!!!
Thus I do this when it is brand-spanking new!  Better to do this now then to come up from a wave without coverage!
Beachy-wear!!! You are at the beach.... no time to waste a moment on endless dressing complications!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Cottage Opening Begins! Preparations!

This morning I have the good news that the De-Winterization is complete and successful!  I always request the same Plumber...... And Bless Him for his good work.  He now knows this tiny place very well!
Hearing this news, my heart always jumps a beat!
Last year was also a successful opening but a 60 year-old outside water valve needing replacing.  And that was quite the project coordinating the water shut-off with the Town of Dewey Beach and the plumbing project with the plumbing service.
Today the Spring Cleaning begins.....and Bless my Housekeeping Lady.  Spring Cleaning is her thing!  In late Fall, I leave the cottage all covered in this helps.
The fans will have to have the blades cleaned otherwise splats of dust balls fly here and 
everywhere once the switch is on!
I'm gathering my linens, clothes, and stocking the larder groceries.
I attacked the grocery challenge before the clothes challenge.  Grocery needs are a defined needs...... that is a work in progress!
I shopped my own pantry first......and was happy to only buy one grocery bag of items to complete the job.
Beyond the usual needs of Mayo and Mustard......basic needs, I include condiments for Japanese meals: sticky rice, rice wine and vinegar, sesame oil, tamari sauce.
Today I'll finish gathering the clothing wardrobe!  I'll muse about that next.


Friday, April 24, 2009

Small Kitchen Stories: Mac and Cheese

Upon arriving at the beachy-cottage all commuted-out from the traffic.....I throw my stuff in the cottage..... then take a sunset walk along the beach.  Oh, and maybe a look-see-in at Nalu's, Que Pasa, and Taco Toss too!
       Then, back at home,  I am STARVED and just want something quick, yummy, and maybe left-overs too for a weekend snack too :-)
Mac and Cheese!  Even my my family members would never guess and simultaneously be appalled!  NEVER-EVER in a Million Years, do I make the Mac and Cheese meal at my non-beach abode!  
Read on: this is brilliant.  I use Annie's Shells and Cheddar.  Now comes the creative part: any small bits of veggies can boil along with the shells.  Asparagus is perfect cooking time-wise.  Then of course I pump it up with more cheddar cheese :-)   and then top it with a chopped tomato and .....oohh, maybe some lovely smoked tuna or bluefish or trout :-)
  Take the leftovers and mix in some Hellman's Mayo.......and a nice salad is the result. 
Sshhh, do not tell my friends, they will laugh all Summer!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Small Kitchen Stories: Grilling!

My beachy-cottage's tiny-tiny kitchen stove does not have a built-in grill.  It does broil up a storm.... but that does not do the job for certain cuts of meat.  I've had to bypass countless seafood offerings for lack of a grill.  It is too silly to fire up a huge outdoor grill for a 6 oz salmon steak!
It has taken years to solve this problem :-)  I bought a George Foreman Grill!  I spent hours picking it out......only to gift it to my Mom... straight away.  Just not my style!
And then I found it! I'm in love with my Calphalon Griddle Non-Stick Press!!!!
How do I love thee, My Grill?
Burgers, salmon steak, chicken breast or leg in 8-12 Minutes!  The most amazing French Toast EVER!

If grilling one little fish steak....then lots of room to scatter about onions, mushrooms, tiny cut potatoes!
Just keep the griddle press on top of the fish/meat...... holds in the heat and steam.
I think this is much more fun then my rice cooker steamed-meals!!!!
Calphalon; I Love you!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Beach & Jewelry: What would Venus Wear?

Why does walking along the beach bring up thoughts of one's own jewelry style?
Venus, who was born from the froth of the ocean, must have emerged with necklace strands of pearls!
Beach-combing is the very activity of reaching for beauty! Adornment... making the object one's own is the next compulsion.
Thus: what is The Perfect Necklace to wear at the beach! 
WHAT WOULD VENUS WEAR in Dewey Beach :-)
It's got to be natural and of organic form and lines.
Venus and us Girls Just Want to Have Fun: so the necklace needs to be lighthearted and fun.  Add in a dose of clever too!
Considering the hot humid weather....needs to be comfortable and hold up to sweat and sea salt.
My daily pick is a sterling silver oxidized flower pendant, of idealized form, with a citrine center hung on a black leather cord.  The cord holds up to the beach life.
Night life.. what to wear?!  All out glitzy just looks awful and out of place.....not "beach-comby".  Just enough glamour is perfect...a necklace of simple forms and just enough flash to signal your Venus style.
My nightly pick ranges from a chain-and-enamel flower belt which I'll hang around my neck to my new found enameled and jointed fish dangling with pearls and peridot from a 30 inch light weight gold chain.  
Next time I'll muse on earrings and bracelets!
The pendant picture is by James Avery!  I LOVE their jewelry!!!!!


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dewey Beach Unity for Beauty Day 2008

C'est Moi in the funky hat, long hair and gardening gloves.

Facebook Group: I Love Dewey Beach : Supports Local Businesses

********** Fifer's Local Fresh Market Presents Offers to ILDB **********
Our VERY OWN ILDB MEMBER JASON Fennemore of Fifer's Local Fresh Market offer's 50% discount on the New Deli Case item- Dietz and Watson Meats and Cheeses until May 1st!
To get the Offer: At the register just say, " ILDB"!


*Take a look at Fifer's Local Fresh Market Facebook Page! 
Become a Fan and spread the ILDB*Love!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Stressing OUT over Sandals!

It's that time to get my Dewey Beach Sandal Collection ready!!!
I ALWAYS stress OUT over my footwear. 
    Having a 8.5 AA foot does not help! :-(
One pair  ...I use Birki's .... is used to walk everywhere......and after spending time on gritty-sandy sidewalks and getting spilt beers on it at The Bottle & Cork.......this pair rarely makes it from one season to the next.
Fancy heels, stilettos????!  HA!  Forget- about- it unless you want your heel to catch in the deck boards at The Rusty Rudder!
So what works for going out???? Some cute flat ones.  And be prepared to cry if these too get beer spilled on them!
Beach wear?  I still have my 20 year old Italian Beach Sensi  Sandals ....  the foot bed with the tiny holes........ the sand goes right thru ........ so no slipping and sliding on a sandy foot bed.  I'll be in tears when these fall apart.  And hope I can find again this very pair.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

May 16th is Unity for Beauty Day, Dewey Beach

Join us May 16th  for the Annual Dewey Beach Civic League's

Unity for Beauty Day!

  The Dewey Beach Civic League, the Town of Dewey Beach, and local businesses unite once again to enhance our town’s beauty.

  When: Saturday, May 16, 2009 (rain date Sunday, May 17, but we will hold the event on May 17 unless it’s a downpour.)

  Where: Meet at 9:00 a.m. at Sunset Park (Dagsworthy St. Bayside)

  Who:  You. Volunteers are needed to plant flowers and trees and do general clean up. Don’t worry if you are limited in physical ability or movement. We have jobs even for people who can’t bend, stoop, or lift or who have bad backs and knees.

Contact Information:  to volunteer or to make a donation, contact Marie Hutton at

Donation checks should be made out to the Dewey Beach Civic League and mailed to:

Dewey Beach Civic League

C/o Bob Duncan, Treasurer

102 Cullen Street

Dewey Beach, DE 19971

 Happy Hour  at The Starboard with free munchies and reduced drink prices at 5:00 pm: 

 Celebrate a good day’s work and build unity as you get to know other volunteers, property owners, and business owners at the Starboard. 


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Beach Hat Expertise!

I'm KNOWN for my beach hats!  It is a given that you need a collection of cute ones for running about and going out! 
   But which is the beach hat that gives the best protection, will not fly off into the sea, and most importantly..... allows you to lean back in your beach chair.... without crushing the beloved thing?!
You want a very wide and floppy brim..... But most importantly the material must but be very flexible and finely woven.  It won't be crushproof...... but it will last the season.  Not more ;-)
Find one with a fabric head-band........ which makes it more comfortable in the heat...... but the sweat will come thru....and stains it :-(
In late October it is a SAD-SAD DAY when my poor old floppy friend is with all due ceremony chucked into the beach-side garbage bin.
 Btw, the brand I buy is "Sloggers"....rhymes with Blogger :-)  I find these hats ( for both guys and gals ) at funky hardware stores and garden centers!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Dewey Beach- Beachy-Life Blog Future Posts

I'm looking forward to blogging about my Dewey Beach-Beachy-Life.
I'll talk about my beaches for best seafood purchases and tiny kitchen meals, volunteer life at Cape Henlopen State Park, the live music scene, bar and night-life, Town of Dewey Beach doings, how to be The Beach Goddess............ and what's cool and what's definitely not cool!
I love my SandBOX!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Beach Replenishment Schedule, Starts April 26th

 Follow the latest on our Beach Replenishment.  Starts April 26th.

Cottage Opening Delayed A Week

I am crying Mermaid ocean -water -tears because the weather is not warm enough for de-Winterization!!!!
   Having only a wood stove.....too challenging to stay warm when it is 35 degrees outside!  I go thru a ton of wood at those temps!
It is too scary close to the 32 degree mark too!
Totally bummed-out that I'll miss the Fort Miles "War Years" Day at Cape Henlopen State Park!
So, you please attend for me?!
 Facebook Event for Fort Miles "War Years" Day link below for the info!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Way We Dewey- Were! You Tube Video 1995!

City Scene at the Starboard, Circa 1995!

So Sweet and Innocent!  Awww, ohhhh.

May 16th 2009 Volunteer for Dewey's Annual " Unity for Beauty Day"!

May 16th 2009 Volunteer for Dewey's Annual " Unity for Beauty Day"!

Sponsored by the Dewey Beach Civic League from ~ 9AM-Noon put on the sponsor cool tee shirt and a dorky neon orange safety vest: plant flowers and trees, mulch, dig it, trim it and green it up!
Later in the day for Happy Hour we meet at our sponsor bar for good times and eats.
If you want to be a Team Leader......just ask me :-)

*I'll post the Official Announcement Soonest-Promise!

I UTEERLI : I Love Dewey Beach!

If you do Utterli then see above to join in and Utterli!

Group Call Utterli's are possible?!



Call: 1-712-432-6666
Email: I-Love-Dewey-Beach@utterli.comWeb:

Dewey Beach More Live Music and Events Schedule

PopFest - Rusty Rudder - April 17th -18th
JamFest - Rusty Rudder - May 1st - 2nd
Kentucky Derby - May 2nd (Kickoff Party May 1st)
Cork Opening - May 2nd
ChickFest - Rusty Rudder - May 15th and 16th
First Cork Jam - May 16th
NorthBeach Opens - May 17th
Running of the Bull - The Starboard - July 11th
Rudolph's Revenge - The Starboard - July 25th
Dewey Beach Bar Golf - August 22nd
Starboard's 50th Anniversary - October 3rd

Jam Fest! May 1st and 2nd! Rusty Rudder!

I Love Dewey Beach Loves The Jam Fest!

My Favorite Gig is hanging inside: ...I call it, "Club Rudder".  Can not leave until I hear my "local" favorite.... Native Aussie, The Jay Hoad Band!

Friday, May 1st

Outside Stage A – Back Deck

9:40 – The Woody Browns Project (Wilkes Barre, PA)
11:00 – Push (PA)
12:20 – I Yahn I Arkestra (Philadelphia, PA)

Outside Stage B – Front Deck

9:00 – Mark Pires (Fairfield, CT)
10:20 – Three Legged Fox (Philadelphia, PA)
11:40 – Project222 (NJ)

Inside Stage C – Back Stage

9:00 – Jim Hayes and the Buddha Brains (Hawthorne, NJ)
10:20 – The Real Feel (Media, PA)
11:40 – Mad Sweet Pangs (DE)

Inside Stage D – Corner Stage

9:40 – Mike Montrey (Spotswood, NJ)
11:00 – Childe (Brooklyn, NY)
12:20 – TBA

Saturday, May 2nd

Outside Stage A – Back Deck

9:40 – ROB
11:00 – Drexler (Brooklyn NY)
12:20 – Jay Hoad Band (DE/Australia)

Outside Stage B – Front Deck

9:00 – Butterjive (Allentown, PA)
10:20 – Instrument
11:40 – Relevation (Boston, MA)

Inside Stage C – Back Stage

9:00 – Eryn Shewell (Hillsborough, NJ)
10:20 – Sweet Cyanide (New York, NY)
11:40 – The 8 Ohms Band (Annapolis, MD)

Inside Stage D – Corner Stage

9:40 – Colebrook Road (Harrisburg, PA)
11:00 – Curley & The Rocket (Washington, DC)
12:20 – Mr. Pants and the Adventure Soundtrack
(Hawthorne, NJ)

Join a Summer House!

  Join a Summer House!  Summer Romance or Marriage.......all this an more happen via the Summer House Tradition.
  There are countless fun-time homes seeking members.
 Easiest is to join my Facebook Group: I Love Dewey Beach.  Join in the conversation for Summer House Hunting!

Dewey Beach Entertainment Early Summer Schedule

Facebook ILDB Recent Posts! Hang with Us!

ILDB LOVES Facebook Fridays!
But where????? Taco Toss? Que Pasa? Nalus? McSheas? Hammerheads? Starboard? Rudder?
Post here where ILDB will hang!

Rachael Shapiro wrote
at 8:41am on April 2nd, 2009
Who remembers our wonderful sign, "Dewey Beach- A Way of Life"? Please find it in the Photos.
We miss or sign :-(

Rachael Shapiro wrote
at 12:41pm on March 28th, 2009
New Dewey Beach Tax Plan Passes House

A bill to allow Dewey Beach to levy an accommodations tax on rental properties passed the House Tuesday, March 24, with 40 representatives in favor and one absent. The bill proceeds to the Senate, where Dewey officials hope it will be speedily passed and signed into law. The bill passed with two minor amendments.

DelawareSports League (Wilmington, DE) wrote
at 12:28pm on March 24th, 2009
Hmmmmm...that can be arranged...perhaps as a part of the "DSL Field Day: At The Beach"??? Ooops...did that slip out?? :) Shhhhhhh We can definitely make that happen!!
Rachael Shapiro wrote
at 12:18pm on March 24th, 2009
Bobby D: How about a boogie board rally!? :-) :-) :-)
Last Summer the safest place for this would be Delaware Seashore Park!

Facebook Link

Find I Love Dewey Beach at the Facebook Link below:

Facebook Group: I Love Dewey Beach = ILDB: Born Xmas 2008!

Xmas 2008 is the birth date of the Facebook Group: I Love Dewey Beach!
Perhaps the most spontaneous act of my just HAPPENED! On Facebook, I created my group! I grabbed the Town of Dewey Beach logo :-)  and ..... then started posting!
        I wanted to find the best of Dewey Beach! 
        I wanted to find The Dewey Nation!  
        I wanted to be surrounded by those who LOVE the Beachy-life! 
        I wanted to prove that drunks and disorderly conduct do not rule the town.
I wanted to find the future property owners!
I wanted to find those who would lay down their beach blanket and life to preserve and maintain our stunningly beautiful natural resources.
Dewey Beach is no longer the beach and dune wilderness of my youth.  It is now Urban Beach.  I love it beyond measure.