Friday, April 17, 2009

Stressing OUT over Sandals!

It's that time to get my Dewey Beach Sandal Collection ready!!!
I ALWAYS stress OUT over my footwear. 
    Having a 8.5 AA foot does not help! :-(
One pair  ...I use Birki's .... is used to walk everywhere......and after spending time on gritty-sandy sidewalks and getting spilt beers on it at The Bottle & Cork.......this pair rarely makes it from one season to the next.
Fancy heels, stilettos????!  HA!  Forget- about- it unless you want your heel to catch in the deck boards at The Rusty Rudder!
So what works for going out???? Some cute flat ones.  And be prepared to cry if these too get beer spilled on them!
Beach wear?  I still have my 20 year old Italian Beach Sensi  Sandals ....  the foot bed with the tiny holes........ the sand goes right thru ........ so no slipping and sliding on a sandy foot bed.  I'll be in tears when these fall apart.  And hope I can find again this very pair.

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