Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Beachy Wear Collection and Bathing Suits

Ah, with the larder groceries collected, I now face the beachy-wear collection tasks!
   I had to buy a beach cottage as I need a boat-load of clothes for even a single beach day!  Challenge: Breezy cool for the morning and night....steaming hot in-between and try to look cute and fun when going out?!
But the biggest challenge of facing down that swimsuit.  At a "certain age"..... bikinis are but a distant memory!  What to wear?!  I love to swim, boogie-board, jump the I need a real swim suit!
LL Bean does the trick.  My modesty picks the two-piece ones with a skirted bottom, fits my long frame, and  I can mix and match tops and bottoms.  These work well!!!
But.. and there is always a butt :-) with swim suits: this is what I have discovered.
Forget the fabric that is anything but smooth....the ridged stuff is the worst  .... otherwise the fabric acts like a sieve and collects flotsam and jetsam!
Sadly the halter plastic slide always breaks mid-Season!
Ha-HA!  The trick is to put it back together with: Dental Floss!!!!
Thus I do this when it is brand-spanking new!  Better to do this now then to come up from a wave without coverage!
Beachy-wear!!! You are at the beach.... no time to waste a moment on endless dressing complications!

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