Thursday, April 23, 2009

Small Kitchen Stories: Grilling!

My beachy-cottage's tiny-tiny kitchen stove does not have a built-in grill.  It does broil up a storm.... but that does not do the job for certain cuts of meat.  I've had to bypass countless seafood offerings for lack of a grill.  It is too silly to fire up a huge outdoor grill for a 6 oz salmon steak!
It has taken years to solve this problem :-)  I bought a George Foreman Grill!  I spent hours picking it out......only to gift it to my Mom... straight away.  Just not my style!
And then I found it! I'm in love with my Calphalon Griddle Non-Stick Press!!!!
How do I love thee, My Grill?
Burgers, salmon steak, chicken breast or leg in 8-12 Minutes!  The most amazing French Toast EVER!

If grilling one little fish steak....then lots of room to scatter about onions, mushrooms, tiny cut potatoes!
Just keep the griddle press on top of the fish/meat...... holds in the heat and steam.
I think this is much more fun then my rice cooker steamed-meals!!!!
Calphalon; I Love you!

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