Sunday, April 12, 2009

Facebook Group: I Love Dewey Beach = ILDB: Born Xmas 2008!

Xmas 2008 is the birth date of the Facebook Group: I Love Dewey Beach!
Perhaps the most spontaneous act of my just HAPPENED! On Facebook, I created my group! I grabbed the Town of Dewey Beach logo :-)  and ..... then started posting!
        I wanted to find the best of Dewey Beach! 
        I wanted to find The Dewey Nation!  
        I wanted to be surrounded by those who LOVE the Beachy-life! 
        I wanted to prove that drunks and disorderly conduct do not rule the town.
I wanted to find the future property owners!
I wanted to find those who would lay down their beach blanket and life to preserve and maintain our stunningly beautiful natural resources.
Dewey Beach is no longer the beach and dune wilderness of my youth.  It is now Urban Beach.  I love it beyond measure.

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