Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Beach Hat Expertise!

I'm KNOWN for my beach hats!  It is a given that you need a collection of cute ones for running about and going out! 
   But which is the beach hat that gives the best protection, will not fly off into the sea, and most importantly..... allows you to lean back in your beach chair.... without crushing the beloved thing?!
You want a very wide and floppy brim..... But most importantly the material must but be very flexible and finely woven.  It won't be crushproof...... but it will last the season.  Not more ;-)
Find one with a fabric head-band........ which makes it more comfortable in the heat...... but the sweat will come thru....and stains it :-(
In late October it is a SAD-SAD DAY when my poor old floppy friend is with all due ceremony chucked into the beach-side garbage bin.
 Btw, the brand I buy is "Sloggers"....rhymes with Blogger :-)  I find these hats ( for both guys and gals ) at funky hardware stores and garden centers!

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