Monday, April 27, 2009

Cottage Opening Begins! Preparations!

This morning I have the good news that the De-Winterization is complete and successful!  I always request the same Plumber...... And Bless Him for his good work.  He now knows this tiny place very well!
Hearing this news, my heart always jumps a beat!
Last year was also a successful opening but a 60 year-old outside water valve needing replacing.  And that was quite the project coordinating the water shut-off with the Town of Dewey Beach and the plumbing project with the plumbing service.
Today the Spring Cleaning begins.....and Bless my Housekeeping Lady.  Spring Cleaning is her thing!  In late Fall, I leave the cottage all covered in this helps.
The fans will have to have the blades cleaned otherwise splats of dust balls fly here and 
everywhere once the switch is on!
I'm gathering my linens, clothes, and stocking the larder groceries.
I attacked the grocery challenge before the clothes challenge.  Grocery needs are a defined needs...... that is a work in progress!
I shopped my own pantry first......and was happy to only buy one grocery bag of items to complete the job.
Beyond the usual needs of Mayo and Mustard......basic needs, I include condiments for Japanese meals: sticky rice, rice wine and vinegar, sesame oil, tamari sauce.
Today I'll finish gathering the clothing wardrobe!  I'll muse about that next.


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